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CRO: Optimize Website Performance

How We Can Improve Website Performance?

A poorly-performing website – in most cases, meaning one that loads too slow – can damage your conversion rates in a number of ways:
1- Cart abandonment.
Among some of the biggest reasons why a shopper might abandon their cart is a slow or complex checkout process. Even a 2-second delay in website load time can increase abandonment rates by 87%.
2- Level of customer experience.
If a user finds that your website is too slow, where it takes seconds before pages can load completely, their customer experience on your site becomes less than ideal. They may opt for other sites or assume that your site isn’t as professional with its slow loading speeds.
3- High bounce rates.
These days, users expect fast-loading eCommerce sites and blogs; otherwise, they’re more than likely to abandon the site before even getting a good look. According to Google, if a website goes from one second to three seconds to fully load, the probability of a user abandoning the site can go up by 32%.
4- Lower page rankings.
And at the end of the day, high bounce rates and low dwell times and times spent on pages will negatively impact your site’s SEO rankings. These behaviors tell popular search engines that perhaps users didn’t find your site very helpful or didn’t have a good experience, so these search engines are forced to lower your site rankings in favor of someone else’s.
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