RF Studio's Products and Services Labels

Bid Ideas, Big Ambitions

We are cooking couple of unique SaaS products, inspired from our day-to-day itches while running our digital agency. 

The ideas are big along with big ambitions, we have cleared some backlogs, and some remain work in progress. Find out all the brand names we own and powered by RF Studio. 


Our Products & Solutions

State of the Art Technology for Marketing

Technology is an enabler, a vehicle to take you faster, a toolbox to give you an edge over others.


One CLI to Rule them All


qforce is a set of commands to help with salesforce development process. Super charge your SOQL queries, move data between orgs with ease and make development easy/efficient. All this and more with qforce.

Celebrate Culture Champions


Strategic Employer Brand Management to help you reach talent you’re looking for. Continuous Performance Solutions to Motivate, Inspire and Thank your workforce better. Designed specially for field staff, WorkVibez helps you overcome the lows and achieve the highs.

Smart & Hackable WhatsApp


Robolution helps businesses to use WhatsApp in authentic, innovative, and measurable ways. Robolution's API provides personalization, functionality, and tools for building customer relationships. Using real-time data from WhatsApp through the Robolution API, developers can build customer-facing messaging experiences using the functionality native to WhatsApp.

Practice Kindness


A spin off from our original Revolution Flame, social innovation projects, Acts of Kindness hosts 300+ volunteers and 12 chapters serving humanity with their acts of kindness. RF Studio provides time and resources to nurture the non-profit work. 


The Infinite Creative Element in You!

Infinitron Podcasts

Tune into our weekly podcast show, where we host market leaders and thought starters to help you discover the infinite creative element in you. 


Grow your career

Growth Academy

Looking for a break in digital marketing, thinking to adopt work anywhere nomad lifestyle? Growth hackers are high in demand, and we created this academy to feed our own demand and empower industry with exceptional marketing talent that benefits the whole segment.