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Since 2011, the Revolution Flame project has inspired an enthusiastic and active community of creatives, innovators, marketers and volunteers. We continue to be committed to fostering an open, welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and healthy community.

We host couple of groups on LinkedIn and Facebook which you can join from links below. 


User Group - LinkedIn

Shopify UK

We host the user group and regularly organize online meetups for Shopify power users, developers, designers and app marketplace partners. 

User Group - LinkedIn

Salesforce Designers

Its hard to find Salesforce Designers and related titles in community on LinkedIn. Thats why we have setup this group to organize like minded folks in Salesforce ecosystem. Certified SFDC designer or planning to take Designer certification? This group is a great resource. Join us. 


User Group - Facebook

Edtech Pakistan

Education technology is a great area of interest, while we faield at two startups namely DexterED and Schoologs, our ambitions to bring latest technology for under privilidged communities in Pakistan is not far. We host amazing teachers, industry leaders and startups in this group.