CRO: PPC Performance Optimization

Optimize PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Flow:

Usually paid channels are a huge source of traffic and revenue and you must optimize the flow originating from paid ads.
1-Keep your website in sync with any promo that you’re running
and be sure to remove promos as soon as they are over.
2-When you start running ads, make sure you’re clued to what customers are buying instead of what you hope they’ll buy.
3-Is the navigation easy to use on the 5 devices?
4-How well does the search function work – esp. on Droid & iPhones?
5-Of course, you want shoppers to know that you have a variety of products but you’re unintentionally misleading them. Make sure your ads & landing pages are relevant.
6-Make incremental changes via A/B tests you can make these improvements and test the impact without blowing your budget in one go.
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