Under the crimson sky, witnessed

The Universe in a jolting gaze

When humans shed their altruistic rags

And set this mortal world ablaze

When faithless rose in ranks up high

When truth and innocence, victimized

When, to artful gains, our concord kneeled

Our valued blood lost to caste and creed

Ye don’t know, Nay, the lust of power

You haven’t seen the horrors of war

When Jews were massacred in Hitler’s Holocaust

When Fascists bathed in sins aghast

When Stalin threw men off cliffs so high

When Algerians drowned in Siene so blue

When, in a ball of Fire, Hiroshima set alight

History tells tales, seldom we eschew

But, humanity survived, amidst all this cruelty

The rule of nature is sheer equality

Where there’s convention, there’s novelty

Where there’s enmity, love springs passionately

One man’s death sprouts a thousand lives

That’s when, with all its might,”REVOLUTION” arrives

The oppression, in its vile disdain

Think, this monopoly, they’ll sustain and contain

But history stands witness to infallible facts

Revolutionaries fought back and cleared the tracks

Sure is, if you compress a vial with lids closed

It’ll explode with even greater force

For it, Martin Luther endured great pains

Or Mao’s struggle to make China great again

When Jinnah, with all backlash and flak

Still carved out the map of Pakistan

It flipped the cords of dream to reality

And added luxury to man’s vanity

It lightened our house when Edison wrought

With Wrights courtesy, we flew concordes

They were Revolutionaries who thought impossible

And thought well ahead, ahead of times

Revolution is a courage that the rich fear

Rockefeller and Rothschild stray from it clear

It’s a death for dictatorship and socialist regime

A retribution to all the humanitarian crimes

It’s a stepping stone to elevated Heights

A beautiful day after the darkest nights

It’s a way to fight for your inherent rights

To serve justice to the violent crimes

It’s an opportunity to stand and be the change

For what you lost shall be regained

But listen O reader, before you marvel

At the wonder of this sweet sacrifice

Revolution ignites when it’s much craven

It takes hostages along with million lives

It demands more than your soul and body

It tests your faiths, love and families

Our time has passed their time is now

Those still oppressed, tired and afraid

Whose eyes still witness the bombing raids

Frantic rush of Ambulances, hysterical craze!

Whose answers to tanks are bricks and stones

Whose only speech is wails and woes

Who do not submit to oppressors will

Whose ears only hear “kill, kill”

With dictatorship’s on one side, extremism on other

With Zionists oppression, human rights exploitation

With decades of farces and unjust occupation

The veterans of Syria, Palestine and Kashmir

Have yet more to lose to materialize Revolution

To destroy by the truth, if it can

To destroy by the truth, then it deserves to be

But, fate be changed, we know already

The rising day will be enchanting and lovely

From the blood of the martyrs, the only revolutionaries

Will blossom a new lineage of sparking flowers

From our ashes a fire shall be kindled

A new hope from the shadows will spring

Replenished will be the energies depleted

Exquisite presents our futures will bring

Just know it once,

Once and for all

Revolution might resonate happiness but

“Real Revolution is the evolution of consciousness”



Contributed By: Hassam Khan Alizai

Picture Credits:

Cute Beehive From Paper Rolls

If you want to add some fun and colour to your kids’ room, try this idea that will teach you how to make a unique, cute and adorable decoration. The idea is to make an artificial beehive that can be mounted on a wall. It will instantly cheer up the whole room. It is very simple to make and is inexpensive. Probably, the material needed has already been stored by you somewhere in your home.

The following is what you will need:

  1. Toilet paper rolls
  2. Plastic eggs
  3. Glue
  4. Black marker
  5. Yellow paint
  6. Wires and strings

Steps to follow

  1. Cut the rolls as shown in the picture, making small rings with them.
  2. Open the cardboard and fold it to get hexagonal shapes.
  3. Secure the structure with glue.
  4. When you have the number of hexagons of your choice, start gluing them together side by side to get the beehive.
  5. Paint the whole beehive yellow.
  6. Make bees with the plastic eggs. Draw their face expressions with the black marker.
  7. Don’t forget to make the antennas and the legs of the bees. They can be made with thick wires or strings.
  8. Now, tie the bees to the beehive with thin wires.
  9. Lastly, find a suitable place to hang the decoration in your children’s room.

By: Ahsanullah Khan

Donate Lighthouses


Hey There I’m Libby!
The dilemma with Pakistan is not just illiteracy and poverty but also a poor educational system that promotes rote learning. A fraction of children are fortunate enough to study in ‘posh’ schools and explore what creativity is but still a majority of students never ever experience the creativity just because their institute couldn’t afford to provide them with the faculty and the books through which they could quench their thirst for exploring this dimension.

In Pakistan one would hardly find any constructive recreational content for children. Even if miraculously if it is available, it won’t be within easy access of children.

For how long would we just sit as silent spectators and witness generations after generations ruin?

It is annoying to see the rote learners making it to top while the creative ones perish for not writing ‘Word to Word’.
I wish for it to change!
I want free quality education without any discrimination!
I have a vision for a better tomorrow for the next generation!
Kids by their nature are creative, it’s our training that determines that how much of the creativity they would retain as they grow up. If you want to teach kids, the first thing you need is to attract their attention not by imposing something upon them but by giving them an environment that encourages creativity.

Lighthouses are vivid and colorful libraries for kids that will bring their imagination to life. We would ensure that all the books in the library to be inspiring stories or of quality educational content.

If you believe in my dream then come forward and join our cause.
Donate Your iPads and Story Books Now!

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Stop Trying To Be Happy

Completing a marathon makes us happier than eating a chocolate cake. Raising a child makes us happier than beating a video game. Starting a small business with friends and struggling to make money makes us happier than buying a new computer.

And the funny thing is that all three of the activities above are exceedingly unpleasant and require setting high expectations and potentially failing to always meet them. Yet, they are some of the most meaningful moments and activities of our lives. They involve pain, struggle, even anger and despair, and yet once we’ve done them we look back and get misty-eyed.


Because it’s these sort of activities that allow us to become our ideal selves. It’s the perpetual pursuit of fulfilling our ideal selves which grants us happiness, regardless of superficial pleasures or pain, regardless of positive or negative emotions. This is why some people are happy in war and others are sad at weddings. It’s why some are excited to work and others hate parties.

It’s not the end results which define our ideal selves. It’s not specifically finishing the marathon that makes us happy—it’s achieving a difficult long-term goal that does. It’s not having an awesome kid to show off that makes us happy, but knowing that you gave yourself up to the growth of another human being that is special. It’s not the prestige and money from the new business that makes you happy, it’s process of overcoming all odds with people you care about.

And this is the reason that trying to be happy inevitably will make you unhappy. Because to try to be happy implies that you are not already inhabiting your ideal self, you are not aligned with the qualities of who you wish to be. After all, if you were acting out your ideal self, then you wouldn’t feel the need to try to be happy.

Cue statements about

“finding happiness within,”


“knowing that you’re enough.”It’s not that happiness itself is in you, it’s that happiness occurs when you decide to pursue what’s in you. It’s the long-term pursuit of what you want rather than the trophy at the end.


And this is why happiness is so fleeting. Anyone who has set out major life goals for themselves, only to achieve them and realize that they feel the same relative amounts of happiness and unhappiness, knows that happiness always feels like it’s around the corner just waiting for you to show up. No matter where you are in life, there will always be that one more thing you need to do to be extra-especially happy.

And that’s because our ideal self is always around that corner, our ideal self is always three steps ahead of us. We dream of being a musician and when we’re a musician we dream of writing a film score, and when write a film score, we dream of writing a screenplay. And what matters isn’t that we achieve each of these plateaus of success, but that we’re consistently moving towards them, day after day, month after month, year after year. The plateaus will come and go, and we’ll continue following our ideal self down the path of our lives.


And with that, with regards to being happy, it seems the best advice is also the simplest: Imagine who you want to be and then step towards it. Dream big and then do something. Anything. The simple act of moving at all will change how you feel about the entire process and serve to inspire you further.

Let go of the imagined result; it’s not necessary. The fantasy and the dream are merely tools to get you off your ass. It doesn’t matter if they come true or not. Live, man. Just live. Stop trying to be happy and just be.

Stop Trying To Be Happy | Mark Manson

Staged or Random Beggar


On the signal near flashman’s hotel, there’s a little girl perhaps 8 years old who sells floral necklaces and wrist bracelets. Her brother begs for money while her elder sister washes car wind shields. I often stop at that signal and she comes by my window especially and co-incidentally I always have jellies with me so I give her a pack. I read in an article that we should make sure we know who we’re helping out when we’re handing out money to random beggars on the streets and roads because they’re not RANDOM beggars, they’re staged..everything’s staged and it’s a whole business. but she never asked me for money and one pack of jellies wouldn’t hurt , right?

I asked her what happened and her eyes filled up with tears again and the first words from her mouth were (Sisiter! My Dad Will Beat Me) “bajji…bajji mera abba maare ga mujhe.” and I understood why she was scared, why she was still there and didn’t go home like the rest of her siblings.

But this time she didn’t come by for a pack, she sat on the side grass and her brothers and sisters were no where to be found. It was late that night , she shouldn’t even be out on over there on the road. normally I don’t see her after iftaar on that road. So I parked the car on the side and I got out and went to her and found that she was crying. I asked her what happened but the words from her mouth didn’t make sense, she was scared for some reason and her throat was sour and dry because she’d been crying for hours maybe.

I keep water and food items in the car esp in ramadan. I took them out , gave her the water and sat with her eating jellies and chips for a while till she finally stopped crying and felt better. I asked her what happened and her eyes filled up with tears again and the first words from her mouth were (Sisiter! My Dad Will Beat Me) “bajji…bajji mera abba maare ga mujhe.” and I understood why she was scared, why she was still there and didn’t go home like the rest of her siblings. She told me that a guy on a motor cycle stopped on the signal, she went to him trying to sell some floral necklaces , he said he’ll buy them but as soon as the signal opened he snatched the necklaces and all the money from her hand and rode off. She was supposed to give the days report and money to her father but she was afraid of him and didn’t go home.

I really hate what the world has come to, money matters more than their own flesh and blood? these kids could’ve had better lives. their luck that they ended up with people behind this whole wide spread business.

I felt bad for her and gave her the money she lost. I couldn’t leave her there as it was late and I was thinking on what to do when her brother came running from behind and took her. I felt really sorry for her, she wouldn’t have agreed to going with her brother if she didn’t have the money to give to her dad. I really hate what the world has come to, money matters more than their own flesh and blood? these kids could’ve had better lives. their luck that they ended up with people behind this whole wide spread business. And what about that motorcycle guy? I’m sure he might be gloating about this incident among his friends like he pulled off some cool stunt.

Moments like these really make you think “What is this world coming to.” and makes you question the fact that whether things’ll ever change or not. I hope they will, I hope we can step forward and make that change happen.

Submitted By : Anonymous47

Change Your World Contest

Designers are always learning, always evolving, they are true agents of change, in their lives and the world around them. Billy Blue College of Design has helped inspire the careers of many graduate creatives who have gone on to change the world around them.

Billy Blue College of Design has grown into an inspirational space for design education within Australia over the past 25 years. Specializing in Communication Design, Digital Media, Commercial Interior, Residential Interior and Branded Fashion – Billy Blue College of Design empowers people to change the world.

Take anything from the world around you and improve on it. For example you could take a photo and retouch it. You could take a found object and paint on it.

You could take a fashion garment or even a sneaker and customize it. You could take an application and reskin it. You could embellish your backyard with some of your own 3D elements. The ways in which you could positively change your world are endless.

change your world contest

To enter the contest and for official rules: Read More Here: deviantart

E-Hell on Earth | Agbogbloshie


As the pace of consumer electronic production exploded at the turn of the 21st century, the pace of illegal electronics exports to third world countries has become a torrent. And while the Ghanaian government instituted some protective measures in the 2000s, such as the Korle Lagoon Ecological Restoration Project (KLERP) to restore Agbogbloshie’s former wetland, there is little the government can do about the atrocious living conditions endured by the region’s residents—and the situation doesn’t look like it will be improving any time soon.

The site is called Agbogbloshie, an illegal settlement/landfill outside of Ghana’s capitol city of Accra. Roughly four acres in size and home to more than 40,000 migrants and refugees, Agbogbloshie has become one of the world’s foremost “digital dumping grounds.” It’s a major destination for the developed world’s electronic waste, processing millions of tons of unwanted electronics every year.

Read Complete Article Here: Gizmodo

[The Week,Wiki – Top, third, fourth, and fifth images: Michael Ciaglo, second image (dump.jpg):Marlenenapoli / Wiki]

Save Energy Compaign – Stealing Electricity

We all are frustrated of high bills of electricity, water and gas.  May be these high bills are due to increasing rates of taxes, or may be it could be because of our careless use of electricity, water and gas. Beside these two reasons, there is another reason of our high bills and that is “Stealing Electricity and Gas”

Stealing electricity and gas adversely affects our society. People across the Pakistan, steal electricity. From cities to villages, from slums to posh neighborhood people steal electricity every day. They steal electricity by means of a metal hook which is known as “Kunda” ” connecting the house directly to power lines in the street, bypassing the meter, some people also does wiring in a specific person (their neighbors) electric wires. Don’t you think it’s a wrong thing? People use electricity without paying and this is badly affecting our society and bringing us in the heart of crises.

Amjad Ali, a welder living in a slum area of Karachi, says he cannot afford a regular connection but wouldn’t pay for one even if he could. “If I get a connection, half of my monthly income would go in electric bills. I am not a fool to pay for their corruption and inefficiencies,” he said.

All over Karachi, jumbles of hooks connect overhead lines to homes, adding the threat of electrocution to the perils of life in Pakistan’s crowded, violent metropolis. “The theft accounts for about 30 percent in our system inflicting heavy financial losses to our company,” said a senior engineer of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC).

Another common way to steal electricity is disabling the meter with a length of electrical wire.

May be there is a mafia involved in this but it’s not our topic to discuss right now. Our campaign is about saving energy. I would like to prefer everyone that stop stealing electricity as your false acts are affecting other peoples like.

A man who has a stall at Burns road, who used to sell samosas and pakoras on his stall, is facing problems due to this corrupt act, he said that he got Rs 15000 electricity bill this month, can you imagine Rs 15000? Mistake is done by someone else and other person suffers. Now that person is suffering a lot due to this.

The Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) has taken out front page adverts in three major newspapers in the country’s northwest during the holy month of Ramzan, reminding readers that stealing electricity is a sin.

“Do your fasting, pay zakat (charitable donations) and serve your parents, but do these things by the light of legal electricity,” the ad says. “Clerics have ruled that doing good deeds by the light of stolen electricity is against shariah, so let us stop using stolen electricity and beautify our day of judgment.”

However, the Planning Commission has suggested introducing the Power Police Stations that will exclusively deal with the electricity theft cases as happens in India. The Planning Commission has also asked to incorporate into the draft bill that employees of Wapda, Pepco, Discos should be dealt with as general consumers and should be part of the same crimes in case of any illegality. But personally we should also avoid following this corrupt act.

Written By:Marina Yaseen Qureshi

You Need to Master the Rules Before You Can Reinvent Them

A busy calendar.

I was busy in bundle of things, I had to meet some friends, I had to take some calls, I had to write back to some important emails. And yes, there is one more important thing on my plate to write a proposal to new business opportunity. And wait a second, What is going on with this nation, Let me turn on the TV and see whats happening around. Let me check my status and tweets also. These friends I should must see one day. Damn. I am too much messed up in schedule. I should just get done with proposal now. Yes my dear fellow, It’s easy to get caught up in routines and habits when you’re in the thick of things. However, sometime it is important to step back ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kind of work are you doing?
  • Are you being challenged enough?
  • Are you exposing yourself to sources who can help you improve?

These questions can be difficult to answer, but are important in illuminating your path and ensuring you’re working at a pace that maximizes your potential and ensuring you aren’t getting stuck on the “OK Plateau.”


We mostly have a habit of avoiding the big ugly frog. We dont wanna eat or get done with that easily. We just keep the balls rolling. Until the ball kills itself or you have to finally get done with the ball and do something else. You would say I did okay. But being okay is not what you are here for. You can give your best and you should. Let me share you a story of Author and computer science professor Cal Newport recalls a time when he was building out a new curriculum and purposely avoided talking to people who had experience in this:

Reflecting on this experience, I now notice that in my rush to embrace deep work and purposeful bets I had overlooked a more prosaic piece of the puzzle: learning the rules that govern the area where I was making my play.

If I had followed the program director’s advice and pumped experts for feedback, I would have learned about what you absolutely need for a fundable proposal. I avoided this step, I think, because some part of me didn’t want these answers. By writing my grant in isolation, I could ensure an optimal experience, where I had to put in focused hours, but never really challenge myself too much.

This was fulfilling. But it was also a recipe for failure.

I was like the amateur runner who spends her training days doing hard (but not too hard) three mile jogs instead of the brutal interval work she really needs to improve.


In hindsight, Newport admitted he would have chosen not to dive into deep work as quickly — and suggests questioning whether what we’re working on is what is important, and what we need to do to improve, rather than simply continuing forward headfirst all the time.

Concluding it in the end, Stop being just doing okay. Master the rules. Only then you can reinvent them.


Be the Legend. Be an Infinitron- the one with an infinite creative element in it.

Trade Laptops for Guns

Last nigh I was going through my RSS feeds, hell tired, almost sleepy while I went through this awesome news from Baltimore. Readers would be thinking why we are posting so much foreign stuff but this is what really is inspiring and worth spreading. May be we can also trade love for guns. May be we have a peaceful world one day. May be… Alas. They say I am a dreamer. Oh by the way dreamer, yes here is story of a similar dreamer I was telling you.

Mr. Lance Lucas in the data center he hopes to turn into a cloud training center and platform for community wireless services. So he asks the people around his community to give in their guns and trade them for laptops. Cool offer isnt it? You got some hate? Trade with me 😀 I am sure to give you back some love.

Even before the spike in murders this summer, Baltimore already had a reputation for violence. Because of David Simon’s books and television series Homicide and The Wire, the city’s name instantly invokes an image of drug gang wars, crumbling neighborhoods and schools, and social ills run out of control.

So what happened with this dreamer was, he arranged a training event. Few of the people who showed up signed up for the training that was supposed to be the giveaway’s much bigger hook—CompTIA A+ computer technician and other computer skills certification classes.

“We had 15 people sign up for classes,” Lucas told me when I visited DAS’ downtown Baltimore offices that week. “I think it was low because there was a lot of hesitation for people to write something down and put their name somewhere, since it’s the first time it’s been done. I think because of the fear that it wasn’t a totally anonymous thing, the people weren’t pumped to do it. I think the next time we do it, we’ll do it as ‘come to sign up for computer classes’ and say you don’t have to bring a gun to sign up for the training.”

So the giveaway’s direct results were modest at best, but it prompted an outpouring of support from inside and outside the city.


“People liked it because it gives people hope,” Lucas told me a few days after the giveaway. “I’ve had so many e-mails from people that it’s like, I want to do this in every city, every state,” Lucas told me.


Lucas is not your typical IT entrepreneur. A fast talker and charismatic pitchman, his verbal agility and entrepreneurial skills were honed while he was in high school in the early 1990s. Back then, he built a successful and not exactly legal business empire selling forged tickets to movies and school events. During his senior year at Woodlawn High School, Lucas found himself unable to talk his way out of trouble after being caught by school administrators and police. He was ultimately expelled.

Lucas eventually earned his GED and paid his way through college at Coppin State University by selling computers at Best Buy and then Staples full-time. It was during this time that he realized he could teach people the technical skills they needed to get jobs in a more accessible way.

This idea complements what has become the heart of Lucas’ pitch: that most technology education has been turned into a racket that excludes people in need. There’s a pay wall that demands too much time and treasure to get through, and the current technical education landscape often does a better job of separating people from their money than imparting skills.

“I always say complexity is idiocy, and simplicity is genius,” Lucas told me. To him, the way that many schools teach technology is intentionally complex, driven by selling books and semester classes. “If you want to get Microsoft Word certified, (at some schools) you need to take a beginner class, an intermediate class, and an advanced class. That’s a year and a half of work, and the certification rates are poor. But I have a three-page document that can certify you in Word today.”

So this dreamer’s organization also offers elective courses for middle school and high school students in video game design and Lego Mindstorm robotics. They provide “workforce development packages” that build both technical and workplace literacy with classes in professional etiquette, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Not impressed much with idea yet? Read more here: DAS Agenda.

Spread Love my fellow dreamers. It’s a Love Revolution!