The Lion and A Lamb

lion lamb

Ever hast thou seen a lion?
The might of a jungle,
Tall it walks, high it stands;
with Czar’s toxic stare

Ever hast thou seen a lamb?
A broken, forlorn soul;
Fallen apart, piece by piece
Alike carcass of despair.

Ever hast thou felt a feeling?
Of an erratic beat,
Of a frenzied mind
Or an aimless, perplexed glare.

Ever hast thou heard a story?
Where the silence prevails
In the Royal Court,
When a beggar asks for heir.

Let me tell ye how
Breaths stop,
Steps freeze
And no more of a silent prayer.

Prayer for life
Or laughter or light
No strength or valor;
But lasts an eternal flare.

A flare that burns,
Pains to death,
Then heals and cures,
A heart in a deep fear.

The lamb beseeched not for mercy,
nor heavenly lot,
But a cuckoo’s lullaby sung to death,
The divine sound ye hear.

The snubbed lamb,
With strayed mind,
Adjudged not the lion,
And fell for a false tear.

May by fate he live in peace.
May his pain soothe
May he never choose his fate again,
For he walks fatal path with dare.

Tis when the lion fails to look
Into the lambs eye.
Tis when he ceases to hear
The joy in place of a cry
Tis when in the dark
One sees a pearly dove.
Tis when with a mighty lion,
A lamb falls in love.

Written By : Komal Chaudhry
Photo Credits: VampireLover

The Last Friday

By: Mehwish Amin

Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Let us all put our hands up and humbly confess to Allah SubhanaWaTallah for all our sins, those known and unknown. We are not perfect and we fall short everyday of our life, but lets take some time out to say Allah’umdulillah for the mercy he showers upon us everyday, good health, our families and friends, the roof over our head, food on our table and all the other amazing things we have around us.

JUMATULVIDA MUBARAK and let us all remember each other in our prayers.