Squash Star of Pakistan | Never Lockdown Your Potential

Ahsan Ayaz is a professional squash player with a world Ranking of 233 (16 Aug, 2016)


Some of his achievements in the field of squash are as under:

  • National Champion of U/11
  • National Champion of U/13
  • Asian Champion of U/15
  • National Champion of U/17
  • Currently National Champion of U/19

Ahsan tell us a bit about you?

I am Ahsan Ayaz from Peshawar, Pakistan. I grew up in Peshawar, as a child I originally wanted to be a Gymnast, and then later became interested in Squash. Started my career in Squash when I was 10 years old. Passionate in the field of Squash. Donated almost my 8 years of life to this prestigious game of Squash.

How this idea came in your mind that you should play squash?

I don’t belong to any of the Squash Families. But I am the guy who always thinks to do multiple tasks like, to be the best in more than one job. When I was in Class Six I thought to continue something different along with my Studies. The idea of squash came in my mind because I live near Squash Court, then I decided to play Squash and to be the best at it no matter what happens in life.

Your first match in national event and then on International level tell us about that?

I played Squash for 6 months and I was selected in PAF Junior Academy in Peshawar. I went to Lahore for my first National match represented PAF. I lost in the finals and went through quite Tough battles in Quarters and Semi’s. I saw the competition among the National Players then I realized that Squash is not an easy game. Working hard so far in this Field is not enough. Because I thought if at National level the competition is this much high so what would be at international? I started working harder and harder to fulfill my aim to be at the top. After becoming National junior champion consecutively for 5 years in under 11, under 13 and under15 I went out and played KL junior Open in Malaysia and won the title in under 17. Can’t explain that moment in words.

What difficulties you have faced when you started this game?

My dad always used to force me towards Studies. For 6 month he was not interested in my field of Squash. But when I came back from Lahore with a Runner up Trophy in National junior Event. He started supporting my career along with Studies and all. My Dad always proved to be a huge support of mine.

How long you have been in this field?

I started playing Squash almost at the age of 10 and have been playing squash for almost 8 years. I swear these 8 years seems nothing, time passes with a blink of an eye.

How many laurels you have brought for this country?

Nothing made me more proud then Winning World junior Squash Championship 2016 after 8 years for Pakistan and Won a PSA 5k Malaysian Tour lV 2016 .These are the two big achievements of my Career. Being a World Junior Champion I have won 45 National Junior Events. I have been Runner Up in 8 junior events. I won 4 international Junior Events. Beside these Achievements I am the Winner of ISAM PRO PSA 1k Open Marin, California ,America 2016 and Hassan Baddar pro Open Dubai 2014 at senior Level.

Squash not being a sport widely covered by our media, what’s your opinion about squash events coverage by Pakistan media, how you want it to be?

It has always been a complain of every single professional Squash Player. We have ruled this game all over the world and each player has proven himself time to time .As you know Squash is an Indoor game. It has fewer crowds as compare to Football and Cricket. MEDIA should give coverage to this Sport as Cricket so that more Crowds can come over because this motivates a player.

Who are your main sponsors? Feel free to give them a nice mention.

My dad was responsible for more than 3 years of mine National and International expenses then i was sponsored by PIA and Pakistan Squash Federation. So these three are my current sponsors.

Are you satisfied with the sponsorships you are getting for international tours?

As I am representing PIA and Pakistan National Academy.so somehow I get tickets from PIA and Pakistan Squash Federation since last 1 and half year. But still my Dad is responsible for my foreign expenses, which is hard enough. There are plenty of different companies in Pakistan. In my point of view they should sponsor the players who deserves.

What are the things you are working on right now to improve your game?

I have divided my day in three sessions for Squash as I am Free from Studies nowadays. I have a proper program for Squash. I have 2 hours physical training early in the morning at 5 o clock. Then 2 hours court training with coach at 9 to 11 and then I have 2 hours in evening from 3 to 5 o’clock for drills and games with different players. Other than I use to spend time in gym according to the schedule.

Tell us about your training camps, are you satisfied with it?

I have learned a lot from my training camps. It made me more punctual, set up my mind for every goal and even though made me hard working. Camps have proper physical trainers and proper coaches. And all the requirements for camps where professional players are being trained are managed by Pakistan Squash Federation itself.

How do you prepare yourself mentally when you enter in squash court to play a game?

As you know Squash is more a mental game. You have to play more mentally than physically. Before step on to the Squash Court I always keep my Opponent on mind and vary my game plans according to his Strategies. The Variation works with opponent to opponent. But here Self-confidence works more than anything.

How do you teach yourself to become more and better?

The mistakes done by me during my each and every single match is a strong lesson for me to overcome them for the future because I am the only best teacher of my own. My mistakes makes me enough stronger than before.

How do you see yourself in future?

After winning world junior Squash team Championship 2016 and Malaysian tour IV PSA 5k 2016 really boosts up my confidence level. Because these are the biggest achievements in my Career. While going to court every day along with my achievements in my mind motivate me to play hard and harder, obviously this mentality will always give you a bright future.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in your field?

The most challenging thing for me in my field is to keep my future in mind and reach at the top level i.e. to be the world champion In Shaa ALLAH.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us?

As I told earlier I did my studies along with my squash and am good in multitasking. Life does not have perfect timing for anything but I truly believed in my potential and when I defended Junior National title on squash court and gave my exams too, that is when I really realized my potential as someone who can break the barriers of being a player and someone who is well educated as well.

The first person of your squash that comes in your mind and why?

Peshawar that always has been a strong hold on Squash throughout the whole course of history and the players of this Area have proven themselves time and again. PAKISTAN produced many legends E.g: Qamar Zaman, Jahangir Khan and Jansher etc are the persons who always come to my mind to be like them and bring the lost glories of Pakistan once again.

You have learned the most from?

The mistakes done by me during my each and every single match is a strong lesson for me to overcome them for the future because I am the only best teacher of my own. My mistakes make me enough stronger. Beside this my dad is a good teacher of mine who teaches me on each and every single step of life.

What advice you would like to give to new players of Squash and for those who want to come in this field? What essentials are required to start this game at very first?

The advice I would like to give to the Beginners is that squash is an Individual game; they should be passionate and hardworking. Nothing comes without hard work. Inside the court they should give all what they have, and finally the ground will be yours. And for those who want to join this field, its an Amazing sports. Should come over and join it. The proper essentials for this field are that you should be in a proper sports kit, proper Squash shoes and a squash racket in the hand.

Any message for youth?

A special Message for the youths from my side is to take part in sports. Because its a very wrong concept of Pakistani nation who think its difficult to get success in two fields at a time as many parents force their kids only towards studies. I totally oppose this Concept. In my point of view taking Part in two fields make you feel a Unique Personality which gives you motivation and encouragement and Gives you more a bright Future.

Words for Revolution Flame?

I am very much thankful to the Revolution flame for giving me an Opportunity to express my inner feelings. A huge Thanks for this Great work to promote Sports and keeping eyes on what’s going on around the world.


Date of birth:  October5, 1998
You’re Star:  Libra
Your strength: I am Ambitious and Confident and more ever my family is my Strength.
You motivation: Self Confidence and My Parents
Five words your friends use to describe you: Smart, talented, Hardworking, Ambitious and Compassionate.
Basic reason behind your success is: My Hard work, My Parents and Nation’s Prayers
Of which accomplishment you are most proud of?: By Winning world junior Squash team Championship 2016.
One thing you don’t like about yourself: Not Involved in other Sports
We wish you all the best for your future life and more success ahead. Keep on   rocking squash courts.
For more on Ahsan you can follow him on his Facebook page:
Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

Some of his achievements in the field of squash are as under


Malaysian Tour 4TH Squash Championship PSA 5K 2016 (Winner)
ISAM Pro Open California PSA open 1k 2016 (Winner)
Hassan Baddar International Cup 2014 Dubai (Winner)

All Pakistan Governor Cup National Junior Squash Championship 2014 Peshawar (Winner)
3rd Hassan Baddar International Junior Squash Championship 2014 DUBAI (Winner U 19)

National Junior Squash Championship Rawalpindi 2012(Winner)
KPK National Junior  Squash Championship 2013(Winner)
3rd Rehana Nazar National Junior Squash Championship 2013(Winner)
REDTONE  7th  KL  Junior  Open Squash  Championship 2013 MALAYSIA (Winner U17)
PARCO-4th Roshan Khan Asian  Junior Open  Squash Championship 2011 (Winner)
CAS’ National Junior Squash Championship 2011(Winner)
5th DG Rangers Sindh National Junior Squash Championship2011(Winner)
PARCO-3rd Roshan Khan National Junior Squash Championship 2011 (Winner)
Rawalpindi National Junior Squash Championship(Winner)
KPK National Junior Open  Squash Championship(Winner)
District Junior Squash Championship 2010 (Winner)
DG Rangers Sindh National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
1st Rehana Nazar National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
KPK National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
PST-Roshan Khan National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
KPK National Junior Open  Squash Championship (Winner)

My people are DYING!

Sorrows and cries
Yet another man dies
No one cares
Is this a rat race?
Time will pass and people will forget
Who owns the blood and who is to blame
Every restless soul is the result of our own vice
Every criminal is the making of our hidden lies
Guns, grenades and gun powder flies
I see bloodshed in every child’s eyes
Sounds of sorrow or a majestic comfort lie
I see them, hear them but cannot suffice
Are they my own people or an enemy in disguise?
They talk of Islam, our leader’s talk of revenge
But all I see is my people dying
This is the death of mankind but no one cares
It’s just part of a game which every cast is playing
A son, A father, A hero
They are all here, grinding away with the myths of time
Time’s passing but all I hear are sorrows and lies
For you it’s just another death
But what I see is that
“My country men are dying”
“My country men are dying”
Everyone is lying and the TRUTH is dying!

Written by: Haider Asfandiyar



Under the crimson sky, witnessed

The Universe in a jolting gaze

When humans shed their altruistic rags

And set this mortal world ablaze

When faithless rose in ranks up high

When truth and innocence, victimized

When, to artful gains, our concord kneeled

Our valued blood lost to caste and creed

Ye don’t know, Nay, the lust of power

You haven’t seen the horrors of war

When Jews were massacred in Hitler’s Holocaust

When Fascists bathed in sins aghast

When Stalin threw men off cliffs so high

When Algerians drowned in Siene so blue

When, in a ball of Fire, Hiroshima set alight

History tells tales, seldom we eschew

But, humanity survived, amidst all this cruelty

The rule of nature is sheer equality

Where there’s convention, there’s novelty

Where there’s enmity, love springs passionately

One man’s death sprouts a thousand lives

That’s when, with all its might,”REVOLUTION” arrives

The oppression, in its vile disdain

Think, this monopoly, they’ll sustain and contain

But history stands witness to infallible facts

Revolutionaries fought back and cleared the tracks

Sure is, if you compress a vial with lids closed

It’ll explode with even greater force

For it, Martin Luther endured great pains

Or Mao’s struggle to make China great again

When Jinnah, with all backlash and flak

Still carved out the map of Pakistan

It flipped the cords of dream to reality

And added luxury to man’s vanity

It lightened our house when Edison wrought

With Wrights courtesy, we flew concordes

They were Revolutionaries who thought impossible

And thought well ahead, ahead of times

Revolution is a courage that the rich fear

Rockefeller and Rothschild stray from it clear

It’s a death for dictatorship and socialist regime

A retribution to all the humanitarian crimes

It’s a stepping stone to elevated Heights

A beautiful day after the darkest nights

It’s a way to fight for your inherent rights

To serve justice to the violent crimes

It’s an opportunity to stand and be the change

For what you lost shall be regained

But listen O reader, before you marvel

At the wonder of this sweet sacrifice

Revolution ignites when it’s much craven

It takes hostages along with million lives

It demands more than your soul and body

It tests your faiths, love and families

Our time has passed their time is now

Those still oppressed, tired and afraid

Whose eyes still witness the bombing raids

Frantic rush of Ambulances, hysterical craze!

Whose answers to tanks are bricks and stones

Whose only speech is wails and woes

Who do not submit to oppressors will

Whose ears only hear “kill, kill”

With dictatorship’s on one side, extremism on other

With Zionists oppression, human rights exploitation

With decades of farces and unjust occupation

The veterans of Syria, Palestine and Kashmir

Have yet more to lose to materialize Revolution

To destroy by the truth, if it can

To destroy by the truth, then it deserves to be

But, fate be changed, we know already

The rising day will be enchanting and lovely

From the blood of the martyrs, the only revolutionaries

Will blossom a new lineage of sparking flowers

From our ashes a fire shall be kindled

A new hope from the shadows will spring

Replenished will be the energies depleted

Exquisite presents our futures will bring

Just know it once,

Once and for all

Revolution might resonate happiness but

“Real Revolution is the evolution of consciousness”



Contributed By: Hassam Khan Alizai

Picture Credits:



Faiz-The Poetic Magician


Poetry, the beautifully crafted words and phrases that take the mind and soul on to the wildest journeys of the imagination. Being poetic is an art that frame the long tale of life and emotion in a stylishly concise and creative rhythmic form of words that can touch hearts and minds at the same time.

Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it

― Jalaluddin Rumi

2Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the name very familiar to every other person, the name loved by every Urdu literature fan, the name read and written in many educational curriculums. He was the son of Chaudhry Sultan Mohmmed Khan who also had an inclination towards literature and had shared his literary sittings with the poet of east, Allama Mohammad Iqbal. Faiz was born in February 1911 in Punjab, Pakistan (formerly – British India) and earned fame for his remarkable performance in the field of literature. He acquired his early education by Moulvi Ibrahim Mir Sialkoti and from the city of Lahore he acquired his degree of Masters in Arabic and English. He then got appointed as lecturer in the different colleges of Lahore.

They, whose eyes have no bonding to the morn

May someone light a lamp in their night?

They, whose feet have nowhere to go, no path

May someone illuminate a way to their sight

He was a left wing intellectual and prominent member of the progressive writers’ movement (PWM). He struggled to unfold the political climate of the sub-continent and to mobilize people against suppression and oppression. He also served in British Indian Army as a captain during World War II and as the time progressed; he was promoted to the rank of Major and Lieutenant Colonel by the mid-1940s. He also worked as an acting editor in the newspaper named Pakistan Times and served in many others journalistic ventures.


He was jailed by the Pakistani government in the Rawalpindi conspiracy case in the early 1950s. There he published one of his most admired work, Dast-e-Sabah.

Speak, your lips are free

Speak, it is your own tongue

Speak, it is your own body

Speak, your life is still yours

As the time progressed, world witnessed as his love for the written work gained maturity and serenity. He achieved 10many national and international recognition, awards and acknowledgements for his outstanding literary work. He was awarded by Lenin Peace Price by Soviet Union in 1962 and has been short listed several times for the Nobel Price. He also relished the award of Lotus prize for literature in 1976 and awarded with the highest civil award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan in 1990.

Naqsh-e-Faryadi (1943), Dast-e-Tah-e-Sang (1965), Mery Dil Mery Musafir, Sar-e-Wadie Sina and Zindan-nama (1956) are among his best art work. He died at the age of 73 in November 1984.

On this World Poetry Day, we, the team of Revolution Flame pays heartily tribute to our national hero and poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz for his outstanding performance in brightening the history of Pakistan with his revolutionary literary art work.


Contributed By: Saima Jawed

Picture Credits:


Pakistan’s Emerging Talent- Nasir Iqbal Khan

Current Pakistan and Asian No 1 Squash Champion


Four of his first five PSA World Tour titles came in his home country before he took to the United States to win the Emerson Racquet Club Pro Series in January 2014.Iqbal earned his first PSA M15 title at the Pakistan International Circuit two months later and he returned to win two consecutive titles in Pakistan at the beginning of 2015.
He picked up his 10th PSA World Tour title at the President Gold Cup in November of that year which moved him inside the top 40 players in the world the following month. Currently he is world no 35.

Nasir’s introduction by his own self

Before interview I would like to introduce myself and want to let the readers know about my background, I was from the background which was completely unaware of this beautiful and thrilling game of squash, even my entire city (Bannu) doesn’t has neither a single squash player, nor any awareness of this game. When I started my game my elder brother (Tahir Iqbal khan) was already in this game he was international junior player. I was too young when I won the prestigious British junior open and pioneer junior open under-13 category in England and Germany in 2007, as I don’t remember about situations of that time but as long as I was growing up my father and my brother was endorsing only one thing to my mind, that we have great champions in this game, we ruled for more than 40 years on the world in squash, when I understood the value of this game and the worth of my squash legends in world, I started to fight like the “son of lion”. Looking at my green flag behind me in international matches I become more aggressive and energized to snatch the title for the honor of my Flag, I was so proud that I am having the flag which was elevated to the top in about 13 world championships and more than 20 British open titles.

In the age of 17 I won professional senior title beating my most senior player in the event. Till that time I was completely unaware of each and everything that exist outside of the court, I was in search of hunt every time to tackle with in court. But still I was not in the kind hands of Pakistan squash federation; I was just playing my home events because my father was a poor man he was not in position to send me abroad for international events that is why I was struggling to prove myself and to earn some kind of attention from federation. But soon I came to know that pillars of squash have fallen down (legends retired), and they are busy in their own lives, own lives means away from squash, away from that game which was in their blood, which was transferred to them from their elders, but they failed to transfer it to their next generation.

I would say that ” Inshaa Allah very soon Green flag will be at the top of the World rankings, Inshaa Allah very soon I will be an inspiration for my youngsters and Inshaa Allah I will lead my team from the front line to bring back the lost glory.

Looking at my green flag behind me in international matches I become more aggressive and energized to snatch the title for the honor of my Flag

How would you describe yourself?

I don’t know what should I say about myself? But!!! I believe in HARD WORK and I like do hard work, I am a person who never compromise on the honor of our GREEN FLAG, I always want to serve my country just to keep my flag high.

How long you have been in this field?

I started this game when I was just 9 years old.

What are your interests?

As you know my interest is just squash, other than squash I like to play games on PC, and sometimes play hockey.

What inspires you the most?

Nothing inspires me in this world but only Humanity and Islam.

How do you see yourself in future?

I will bring the lost glories to Pakistan in squash once again Inshaa Allah.

What is the biggest motivation in your life?

My DAD is my biggest motivation when I was a kid I was just playing squash for my Father, during my matches I used to see in my father’s eyes, the spirit in his eyes would bring energy and motivation in me, and then my brother/Coach Tahir Iqbal khan he helped me to overcome each and every hurdle in life and sports.

How do you teach yourself to become more and better?

I don’t teach myself, my brother teaches me and I just follow his instructions I just know one thing to “WORK HARD”.

What difficulties you have faced when you started this game?

List is very long but as I mentioned in introduction I am from Bannu and family was financially very weak and absolutely not familiar to this game, I was working hard and winning junior titles in the world but in return I was just getting appreciation nothing else.

Many time I played international events with broken rackets.

Another problem I faced allot was about my health as I was working hard with my brother and we had no guidance from federation or our legends, so mostly I had exhausted my body and hospitalized because of overtraining .

After achieving so much, which goals are yet to be achieved?

World championship

How did you discover this potential in you?

I followed my brother Tahir Iqbal he was International squash player and in start of my career I was too young I was unaware of the importance of this game that is why I was just playing for my father.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us?

The most joyful and proud moment of my life when recently I won gold medal for Pakistan in south Asian games in India and moment was amazing when Pakistani flag was escalating up with the tone of Pakistani national anthem and Indian soldiers were saluting Pakistani flag.

What role do you think you ought to play in this society?

I think we forgot the value of human being in our society, I cannot see the discrimination of my people. They have the same value as people have in other countries, so I want to work for humanity and through my sport I want to show the world that Pakistan is a very positive and peace loving country.

To dream is easy, to make it come true, not so.What essentials are required for that?

I would just say three words. Determination, Hard work and Sacrifice.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in squash?

Just one thing to finance my tours for international events.

The first person of your field that comes in your mind and why?

Jahangir khan!!! He is the living legend with unbreakable records in squash.

You have learned the most from?

My brother Tahir Iqbal khan

What advice you would like to give to new players of Squash and for those who want to come in this field?

I would say to my young players that everything is possible just believe in Allah and believe in yourselves and the most important thing ALWAS DREAM BIG.

I would say to those who want to come to this field just join your nearest squash club and feel the beauty of this game as this game is the most calories burning game in the world.

Any message for youth?

I always say one thing to my youngsters that everything have negative and positive aspects in this advanced age technology, always try to find positivity and you will be succeeded Inshaa Allah.

Words for revolution flame?

I really appreciate the efforts of Revolution Flame for bringing awareness in our young generations and struggling for better future of our youngsters. I would like to say thanks to Sara khan for introducing me to the youth of Pakistan.


Date of birth: 1st– April

You’re Star: Aries

How do you spend your leisure time?

Usually I spend my leisure time with my family.

Five words your friends use to describe you:

Hard working, sharp likes knife, fighter, brave and leader.

Your strength: Islam

You motivation: my Father

Basic reason behind your success is: Allah’s will and my hard work.

Of which accomplishment you are most proud of?

Gold medal in south Asian games

One thing you don’t like about yourself: My aggression

If you can be any other person in this world, who would you like to be? Ronaldo

For more on Nasir follow his Facebook page

Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

SPARC – Saving the children



The phrase, ‘All men are created equal’ seems to fade away a long time ago as we usually find ourselves surrounded by the most inevitable, sensitive and most violent forms of social dilemmas. Social injustice and inequality are among those social dilemmas which are vigorously decaying our society and its essential elements. Issues like these become more severe when innocent hands beg for food on the street, when fragile bodies of young children work harshly to support their families, and when our young teens holds cleaning vipers and collect garbage from the streets instead of holding books and collecting playful memories.

American activist, author and lecturer and first ever deaf-blind degree holder Helen Keller once said;

Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained

Social justice means all men are equal before law and relish similar human rights and resources regardless of any kind of discrimination but in this unjust society we suffer from the plague of child labor and slavery. It’s the responsibility of every individual to uphold and protect the social justice and equality. Few have already been on the venture to support the cause of social prosperity and to eradicate those unjust issues which are slowly poisoning our society. Among them, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) works with diligence to protect the rights of children and to provide them with equal opportunities.

You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil

– Muhammad Ali Jinnah


SPARC was founded by Pakistani Supreme Court advocate, Anees Jillani in 1992. Many other development and humanitarian organizations including UNICEF, Canadian International Development Agency, and Norwegian Agency for Development, International Labor Organization, and Defense for Children International support SPARC on this crucial social issue to elevate the status of underprivileged children. The mission of SPARC is to promote and protect the rights of children and to empower them using international standards as a yardstick through advocacy supported by research, awareness raising, service delivery, and human and institutional development

Within few years of endeavors and pursuing dream, SPARC aware tens of thousands of people about the importance of equality for children and their equal distribution of resources which help the society to prosper by taking different measures and adopting kind attitudes. It has been empowering child rights by making great changes in the field of child education, health, child labor and violence and injustice. The report, ‘State of Pakistan’s Children’ is being published annually by SPARC to evaluate the status of children in Pakistan and its impact on society. The publication of this report brings forth many social calamities and inequity which depict the incompetency of the concerned authorities on this particular societal crisis.

BeFunky Collage

It brought about and initiated many developmental projects in different tribes and districts of Pakistan including the training of teachers, enrolment of students in schools, rehabilitation and renovation of schools, counseling parents about the disadvantages of child marriages and guiding them about the child rights, establishing centers for street children and provide free legal assistance for the juvenile justice. They also provide vocational training and non-formal education to under trail prisoners (UTPs) helping them to transform into a refined individuals. SPARC was awarded United Nation’s recognition award in 2003 and USAID certification in 2006 in appreciation of highlighting the most sensitive social issue of this era and of showing the earnest concern to control child labor and injustice.

According to the international survey of United Nation, around 150 million children are suffering from child labor worldwide. Issues stay the same because we recognize that, address that and acknowledge that but on an individual level we do not act to change. We do not make effort to implement those changes in our lives. We brag about the child labor and inequality but in our homes we are being served by the teen maid, on the traffic signals our cars’ wind screens are being cleaned by the young children; sadly.

SPARC’s contribution to society in terms of awareness rising about the rights of the child is commendable. Their struggles for the prosperity of the society should be supported and appreciated more heartily by the people of Pakistan. On an individual level, consider yourself as a unit of change and try to facilitate underprivileged children whether by helping them with education or being kind with them.

The opposite of poverty is not wealth. In too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice

– Bryan Stevenson

Do your part towards justice, Say no to child labor.

Contributed By: Saima Jawed

Picture Credits:



Samar Khan- A trekker, Athlete and a Certified Para-glider


“Separate cycling tracks are required not only for females but also for males and international tourists who want to travel economically”

Belong to ‘Lower Dir’, KPK. Masters in Physics from Federal Urdu University, ISB. A trekker, athlete and a certified para-glider. National record holder of cycling over 4693meters by covering 1000km (In tour to Khunjerab). Trained MMA fighter. Member of National youth assembly and a social activist. Brand ambassador of ‘Ladies of Pakistan’. A motivational and Tedx Speaker 2016. Professionally working as a freelancer, blogger and an online teacher.

How would you describe yourself?

A free soul, who likes to challenge herself to discover her strengths, and who yearns to learn more about the world around her. And the best way of learning I do, is travelling, exploring and living the miracles every day that we read in books.

What are your interests?

In Astrophysics, every detail of heavenly objects.

Learn to play every musical instrument.

And to see every hidden beauty in the world.

How this idea of bicycling came in your mind?

I discovered this skill after meeting my adventure buddy, Guliafshan in ‘Army School Of Physical Training’, Kakul. It was the place where we both had registered to do a Paragliding Course. Luckily, we both discovered many similarities and strength to pursue them.

What inspires you the most?

To see the extraordinary efforts and achievements of the people, who are either younger than me or less privileged than me and still bringing reforms in society.

Any organization or people who supported you regarding this matter?

PTDC has been really supporting me in my tours in providing guidance and even accommodation. Moreover, my family is the biggest support of mine, Alhamdulilah.

What has been an innovating experience?

To stay 9 days in wilderness was totally a life changing experience, when there was no one for me except myself. I learned how to survive in cold, less finance and even without social media J .

What is the biggest motivation in your life?

Strangely, I have never searched for a source of motivation; in fact, I have a habit of visualizing the success for every specific target I set for myself and this helps me to overlook the difficulties that exist.

Which thing encouraged you for your journey of 9 days from Islamabad to Pak-China border and back to Islamabad?

My very first (cycling) ride was to Abbotabad, which helped me to learn about geographical and social challenges and how to overcome that. So, after that tour I felt an elevation in my confidence for longer tours.

How did you discover this potential in you?

In my 1st tour, my family didn’t know that I’ll be going to Abbotabad on cycle and I had to keep it hidden that’s why I rode all the way in my slippers wearing kurti,duppata and without any sports gears. But even riding in rain and cold, I found myself very determined and strong and my fear for traffic was already gone.

Any other achievement you would like to share?

This adventure revolution has made me a Certified Para-glider from Pakistan Army, and also a trained MMA fighter.

Any negativity you faced during your this journey and you want to eliminate that problem for future women bicycle riders?

The only and major problem I experienced was the bad and disrespectful behavior of fellow drivers of bus, trucks and local transport. So, like European countries; separate cycling tracks are required not only for females but also for males and international tourists who want to travel economically.

You have learned the most from?

I have learned many toughest lessons from my life experiences whether good or bad, no book can teach a man that much.

Tell us a bit about other sports you are interested in?

Besides cycling, I have done trekking, martial arts, archery and para-gliding; also I am looking forward to try ice skating in near future.

What difficulties you have faced when you started bicycling?

The biggest hardship was to reveal this hobby to my family as I belong to a ‘Pakhtoon’ family and the first female who was going to be a mountain biker.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us about your trip to Khunjrab?

The way I have been treated by the people of Gillgit and Hunza is remarkable. It was zero crime rate, highest literacy rate and an unseen beauty over there. Every individual opened their hearts and offered whatever they had, even we spent ‘Eid ul Azha’ over there.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in this sport?

Like every other, this sport also requires and iron will and endless stamina. And it is a bit hard to work out on daily basis for a job oriented person who has to look after his family and keep his social circle alive.

How do you see yourself in future?

A social activist, who uplift others in sports and education and bring reforms in the lives of other females,

What do you think how your bicycling campaigns can contribute to the society?

I receive many messages of parents now, who want to engage their children in sports after the satisfaction they get to see my activities. And also people from USA, Australia, Korea, and Canada and from many other countries have changed their perception about Pakistan after watching my documentary (Khunjerab).

What advice you would like to give to new people who have passion for bicycling?

Learn completely about your ride before starting it, all the necessary features and demands of a perfect bicycle. And try to make it a part of your life, like your studies or job.

Are you going to participate in any international sports event to represent Pakistan in future?

Yes, I am looking forward to work and qualify for Olympics to represent Pakistan in cycling race, In Sha Allah.

Any message for youth?

Discover your talents as soon as possible as we don’t have time to waste!! We are already a 3rd World and we have to remove this tag.

Words for revolution flame?

Revolutions flame is bringing revolutions literally, by sharing inspiring stories and creating a source of motivation for others.


Date of birth: 11th August

You’re Star: Leo

How do you spend your leisure time?

With friends and family.

Five words your friends use to describe you:

Resilient, Loyal, Creative, funny and caring.

Your strength:

Supporting family and friends.

You motivation: To feel success before even having it.

Favorite accessory: wrist watch

Basic reason behind your success is: My resilient nature.

Key to success, according to you is: Be your own hero, inspiration and competitor.

One thing you don’t like about yourself: The quick anger attack.

If you can be any other person in this world, who would you like to be?

Muslim version of Nikola Tesla.

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Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

Dr. Abdus Salam-Our Nobel Winner


From time immemorial, man has desired to comprehend the complexity of nature in terms of as few elementary concepts as possible

~Dr. M. Abdus Salam

The history of mankind is full of people Among them are the living miracles, the not-so-normal people in this normal world; people who, although, looked like any other normal human being, yet were born with extraordinary capabilities. Each one of these extraordinary people is or was an expert in their own field. Take the example of Jabir Bin Hayan; the father of Chemistry, Michael Jackson; the King of pop music, Quaid-e-Azam Mohmmed Ali Jinnah; the best statesman of his time or Shakespeare; the legendary writer.  Mohmmed Abdus Salam Azad, the first Theoretical Physicist of Pakistan was one of these extraordinary people; the not-so-normal kind of people.

He was one of those special people who made Pakistan proud. Abdus Salam was a physicist; theoretical Physicist, to be exact. Born on January 29th, 1926, he completed his matriculation from the Punjab University at the age of 14 and scored the highest grades in the entire history of the university. He was an extraordinary child with amazing capabilities right from the start. He got his PhD degree in theoretical Physics from Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge with Quantum Electrodynamics being the subject of his doctoral thesis.

Dr. Abdus Salam Azadi became the youngest man to be named in ‘Fellow of the Royal Society’ at the age of only 33 years in 1959. He served as a top level Science Advisor to the Government of Pakistan from 1960 to 1974 and played an important role in the development of the scientific infrastructure of Pakistan. He was not only acting as the founding director of The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) but also helped establish the Theoretical Physics Group in Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC).

BeFunky Collage

A number of firsts in the field of physics bear the credit to Dr. Abdus Salam including the introduction of chiral symmetry concept in the neutrino’s theory and predicted the existence of magnetic photons bin 1966.

Speaking of Physics, he once said,

The creation of Physics is the shared heritage of all mankind. East and West, North and South have equally participated in it

He had the privilege to work with a number of internationally recognized physicists and was also nominated for the Physics Nobel Prize back in 1979 which he won. This was, by far, the greatest of his many great achievements. In appreciation to his remarkable talent, he was awarded the Smith’s Award (1950), Adam’s Award (1958) by the Cambridge University and Sitara-e-Pakistan (1959). Being very modest about his achievements he once said,

Soon I knew the craft of experimental physics was beyond me. It was the sublime quality of patience. Patience in accumulating data, patience with recalcitrant equipment which I sadly lacked

This man of sheer brilliance is still known his capacities and worth as a Theoretical Physical on both national and international levels. Sadly he was judged on the basis of his faith and was sentenced to exile. Nobody knows the exact truth behind it because a man of such exceptional caliber can never be ignored this easily. Nevertheless, he will always be the pride of Pakistan and the guiding light for all those who have the desire to reach the skies; the young Physicists in particular.

Contributed By: Tayyaba Seher Khan

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Jinnah – A Man of his Word


Man of his Word 1


Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohmmed Ali Jinnah did all three

-Prof. Stanley Wolpert, Jinnah of Pakistan (1984)

Quaid-e-Azam Mohmmed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, father of the nation and the first Governor General of Pakistan needs no special introduction as to who he is or what he did for us.

Born on December 25th, 1876 in Karachi, his life was a story of continuous struggle and determination. Being born with the gentlemanly charisma, he worked hard in everything he did. The time had the people being ruled by foreign oppressor where Muslims were not even allowed to follow their faith and doors to a better future were shut upon them. By being a lawyer by profession, Quaid-e-Azam already was a reputed personality. His political ventures made him more prominent as he became a leader in making.

Quaid-e-Azam was aware of the problems of Muslims and was a big supporter of Hindu-Muslim Unity. Title of ‘Hindu-Muslim Unity Ambassador’ was given on basis of his continuous efforts regarding mutual agreement between Hindus and Muslims. It was due to his struggle that Muslim League and Indian National Congress agreed to sign the Lucknow Pact in 1916.

Man of his Word 2Quaid-e-Azam believed that if the Muslims and Hindus were united, it would be very difficult for the Britishers to oppress them. At first, hewas under the impression that Congress was the sole representative of India but the attitude of the extremist Hindus made him realize that it was a futile effort. Hence, he joined Muslim League, trying to get the Muslims and Hindus to a mutual agreement but it was not going to work and it never did work. When his efforts for Hindu-Muslim Unity failed, he knew what he had to do. He left congress and joined the Muslim League. He had earned a very honorable reputation by that time. He started working day and night to change the position of the Sub-Continent’s Muslims

According to Bob Dylan,

A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom

Quaid-e-Azam devoted his life to the Pakistan Movement. He had to face all the obstacles in the way. He never gave up on what he believed in. No matter how hard the British spokesmen and the Hindu politicians tried to talk him out of his demands, he stood as strong as a rock and made his point clear. He wouldn’t back off no matter what they said.

It was due to his firm ideals, that Pakistan came into being on August 14st, 1947. But sadly, Muslims were being cheated upon once again. The partition plan was not justly followed and the Pakistan was deprived of many Muslim majority states. The migrants to Pakistan had zero finance, no food, no shelter and no jobs to supports their families.  Qualid-e-Azam knew the difficulties and wasn’t unaware that is the reason why he didn’t reMan of his Word 3sted even after the country’s formation. He was so involved in getting a separate homeland for the Muslims and la
ter on setting up Pakistan as an honored independent state that he completely disregarded his health. It
is said that apart from Tuberculosis, he was also diagnosed with Lung cancer and Pneumonia before he died. He had been quite reckless about his health; always working to get the Muslims a better and brighter future. He wanted to make sure the future generations of the Muslims were never oppressed and slaughtered again. For us, he was and still is no less than a knight in shining armor. If we are living as a free nation today, that i
s solely because of him. Sure, there were other leaders too who helped in the Pakistan Movement but, had there been no Quaid-e-Azam, there would be no Pakistan today. These are not just my words; most of the people believe that.

Although without Gandhi, Hindustan would still have gained independence and without Lenin and Mao, Russia and China would still have endured Communist revolution, without Jinnah there would have been no Pakistan in 1947

-John Biggs Davidson

There is just so much to write about him that I find myself at a loss of words. He was a hero, our savior, best statesman of his time and one of the greatest leaders of the world. He is a legend. I don’t think any leader can be as good as him. Currently, there is just lot of ambiguity and darkness that make us feel hopeless. I know that feeling; we all have felt that way at some point in our lives. I mean, there is corruption, illiteracy, load-shedding, political instability and it all makes you want to give up. But I want to let you know, Quaid-e-Azam faced the same. It pushed him towards striving for a separate nation now that is something no easy right? But he said,

Think 100 times before you take a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man

Being the youth of Pakistan, we should never forget that the future of our beloved state lies in our hands. I believe that if we all work hard and try to play our role for the betterment of our society; soon we will be able to make our Pakistan an even better place to live in. InshAllah.


Contributed By: Tayyaba Seher Khan

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We Are Pakistan

we pakistanNothing like our Pakistan is in the world entire

It’s our beautiful garden, we it’s warbling choir

We may wander far from home or ever be exiled
Still we have it in our hearts, in front of our eyes

The highest mountain of the world, the neighbor of the skies

That tough and tall watchman guards us day and night

Five rivers criss­cross through its plains and wilds

Because of which our garden competes with paradise aisle

The mangoes of Multan, the peaches of Swat

Apples of Ziarat, the sub-tropical dry forests of Attock

Our National Cricket Team, the symbol of our pride

Sixes of Afridi and Saeed Ajmal’s bowling style

Divine shadow is upon us to keep our name alive

Though the world, for decades, has been to us hostile

Romans, Egyptians or Greeks all vanity out of sight

But our name still lives on despite of time and tide

Our brave and mighty soldiers, set to lay their lives

The “Nara­ e­ Takbeer”, their only source of might

Cast or creed does not teach us to harbor mutual spite

We are Pakistanis once and for all, Pakistan our land of pride

Wake up O’ my people, the time finally arrives

The time to join hands and unite

Spread the clarion call from home to home until

Not a single person is left behind

Keep struggling hard O’ friend; sun of success is on the rise

Remember, only in hard work, the secret of success doth lie

Written by: Hassam Khan Alizai

Photo credit: thenextweb.com