Seeking Inside






On the shore, I see the waves
In the mountains, I hear the rain
The rays in dark stand by me
I cry without any inside pain.

The nature reveals the secrets of happiness
The snow calls in for the joy
Meadows can be seen from even this far
I have no more urges towards the sky.

Sitting by water, I see the depth
The waves emerge and stones get bound
The inside can be neither seen
Nor so easily, ever found!

Written by: Arsh Azim

Photo Credits : Bilal Farooq

Echoing Memories




Echoing Memories


As the dusk enfolds to dawn,
I hear a melodious song-
The song of beauty and pleasure
but there’s much more to hear
among the sweet symphony,
And even much more to see;
As within the chest of these walls,
Lie the memories, none can sermonize;
Turning back the pages of life,
Unravelling the tales of old times.

Echoes of laughters are faded now
and charms of happiness are abased!
Of the ones who once owned this place;
All of a sudden are brought back to life,
Some memories abandoned
In this Heaven – under the blue-sky;
Catching my attention as I pass by.

Lonesome is this old house,
Still standing up straight and proud;
But its heavenly beauty and charm stays,
Mesmerizing the travellors in a million ways;
Yet the colors of life,
The long lasting echoes of joy,
The Heavenly beauty and charm
All are hidden in each of its sighs

Written By :  Zobarya Asma Sadiqi

Photo Credits : Bilal Farooq

Happy Independance Day Pakistan

Happy Independence Day to all.

A prayer for prosperity of Pakistan, for the love of this country and for the Peace of this nation from the core of our heart!  Oh God, Bless us with Peace, Joy and Prosperity. Bless us with all the good things one can have. Give us patience, Oh Lord! We want the Peace back in this country. The blasts and drenching country we had never dreamed of it. Please take it away from us, dear God. Bless us with what we deserve! Give our Beautiful Country back to us…

Video Sources:
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