I Fear


Sketch by Muhammad Humam

I fear the world when the sun is gone
I fear the time when the star shone
I fear the moon when it is full
I fear the night’s frightening tone
I fear the crack, of my grave
I fear what lurks inside the groove
I fear the day to meet thy Lord
I fear the hour when the shrouds remove
I fear the hell, open wide
I fear the time when the Lord decide
I fear the hold of Satan’s grasp
I fear the sound of hell’s rasp
I’ve done many wrongs some rights too
I’ve been through peace and fights too
I’ve killed and saved some lives too
I’ve made some links and rives too
My limbs so strong but now I stumble
My fate is now in the struggle
I went to Him with legs bent
My head in bow and back is spent
My hands spread wide
And my proud is dent
I ask the Lord to forgive me
Raze all my sins and give me
A chance to step away from hell
A chance to earn the garden’s well


Written by: Bilal Khan

Artwork by: Muhammad Humam

Cute Beehive From Paper Rolls


If you want to add some fun and colour to your kids’ room, try this idea that will teach you how to make a unique, cute and adorable decoration. The idea is to make an artificial beehive that can be mounted on a wall. It will instantly cheer up the whole room. It is very simple to make and is inexpensive. Probably, the material needed has already been stored by you somewhere in your home.

The following is what you will need:

  1. Toilet paper rolls
  2. Plastic eggs
  3. Glue
  4. Black marker
  5. Yellow paint
  6. Wires and strings

Steps to follow

  1. Cut the rolls as shown in the picture, making small rings with them.
  2. Open the cardboard and fold it to get hexagonal shapes.
  3. Secure the structure with glue.
  4. When you have the number of hexagons of your choice, start gluing them together side by side to get the beehive.
  5. Paint the whole beehive yellow.
  6. Make bees with the plastic eggs. Draw their face expressions with the black marker.
  7. Don’t forget to make the antennas and the legs of the bees. They can be made with thick wires or strings.
  8. Now, tie the bees to the beehive with thin wires.
  9. Lastly, find a suitable place to hang the decoration in your children’s room.

By: Ahsanullah Khan

Donate Lighthouses


Hey There I’m Libby!
The dilemma with Pakistan is not just illiteracy and poverty but also a poor educational system that promotes rote learning. A fraction of children are fortunate enough to study in ‘posh’ schools and explore what creativity is but still a majority of students never ever experience the creativity just because their institute couldn’t afford to provide them with the faculty and the books through which they could quench their thirst for exploring this dimension.

In Pakistan one would hardly find any constructive recreational content for children. Even if miraculously if it is available, it won’t be within easy access of children.

For how long would we just sit as silent spectators and witness generations after generations ruin?

It is annoying to see the rote learners making it to top while the creative ones perish for not writing ‘Word to Word’.
I wish for it to change!
I want free quality education without any discrimination!
I have a vision for a better tomorrow for the next generation!
Kids by their nature are creative, it’s our training that determines that how much of the creativity they would retain as they grow up. If you want to teach kids, the first thing you need is to attract their attention not by imposing something upon them but by giving them an environment that encourages creativity.

Lighthouses are vivid and colorful libraries for kids that will bring their imagination to life. We would ensure that all the books in the library to be inspiring stories or of quality educational content.

If you believe in my dream then come forward and join our cause.
Donate Your iPads and Story Books Now!

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Stop Trying To Be Happy

Completing a marathon makes us happier than eating a chocolate cake. Raising a child makes us happier than beating a video game. Starting a small business with friends and struggling to make money makes us happier than buying a new computer.

And the funny thing is that all three of the activities above are exceedingly unpleasant and require setting high expectations and potentially failing to always meet them. Yet, they are some of the most meaningful moments and activities of our lives. They involve pain, struggle, even anger and despair, and yet once we’ve done them we look back and get misty-eyed.


Because it’s these sort of activities that allow us to become our ideal selves. It’s the perpetual pursuit of fulfilling our ideal selves which grants us happiness, regardless of superficial pleasures or pain, regardless of positive or negative emotions. This is why some people are happy in war and others are sad at weddings. It’s why some are excited to work and others hate parties.

It’s not the end results which define our ideal selves. It’s not specifically finishing the marathon that makes us happy—it’s achieving a difficult long-term goal that does. It’s not having an awesome kid to show off that makes us happy, but knowing that you gave yourself up to the growth of another human being that is special. It’s not the prestige and money from the new business that makes you happy, it’s process of overcoming all odds with people you care about.

And this is the reason that trying to be happy inevitably will make you unhappy. Because to try to be happy implies that you are not already inhabiting your ideal self, you are not aligned with the qualities of who you wish to be. After all, if you were acting out your ideal self, then you wouldn’t feel the need to try to be happy.

Cue statements about

“finding happiness within,”


“knowing that you’re enough.”It’s not that happiness itself is in you, it’s that happiness occurs when you decide to pursue what’s in you. It’s the long-term pursuit of what you want rather than the trophy at the end.


And this is why happiness is so fleeting. Anyone who has set out major life goals for themselves, only to achieve them and realize that they feel the same relative amounts of happiness and unhappiness, knows that happiness always feels like it’s around the corner just waiting for you to show up. No matter where you are in life, there will always be that one more thing you need to do to be extra-especially happy.

And that’s because our ideal self is always around that corner, our ideal self is always three steps ahead of us. We dream of being a musician and when we’re a musician we dream of writing a film score, and when write a film score, we dream of writing a screenplay. And what matters isn’t that we achieve each of these plateaus of success, but that we’re consistently moving towards them, day after day, month after month, year after year. The plateaus will come and go, and we’ll continue following our ideal self down the path of our lives.


And with that, with regards to being happy, it seems the best advice is also the simplest: Imagine who you want to be and then step towards it. Dream big and then do something. Anything. The simple act of moving at all will change how you feel about the entire process and serve to inspire you further.

Let go of the imagined result; it’s not necessary. The fantasy and the dream are merely tools to get you off your ass. It doesn’t matter if they come true or not. Live, man. Just live. Stop trying to be happy and just be.

Stop Trying To Be Happy | Mark Manson

Staged or Random Beggar


On the signal near flashman’s hotel, there’s a little girl perhaps 8 years old who sells floral necklaces and wrist bracelets. Her brother begs for money while her elder sister washes car wind shields. I often stop at that signal and she comes by my window especially and co-incidentally I always have jellies with me so I give her a pack. I read in an article that we should make sure we know who we’re helping out when we’re handing out money to random beggars on the streets and roads because they’re not RANDOM beggars, they’re staged..everything’s staged and it’s a whole business. but she never asked me for money and one pack of jellies wouldn’t hurt , right?

I asked her what happened and her eyes filled up with tears again and the first words from her mouth were (Sisiter! My Dad Will Beat Me) “bajji…bajji mera abba maare ga mujhe.” and I understood why she was scared, why she was still there and didn’t go home like the rest of her siblings.

But this time she didn’t come by for a pack, she sat on the side grass and her brothers and sisters were no where to be found. It was late that night , she shouldn’t even be out on over there on the road. normally I don’t see her after iftaar on that road. So I parked the car on the side and I got out and went to her and found that she was crying. I asked her what happened but the words from her mouth didn’t make sense, she was scared for some reason and her throat was sour and dry because she’d been crying for hours maybe.

I keep water and food items in the car esp in ramadan. I took them out , gave her the water and sat with her eating jellies and chips for a while till she finally stopped crying and felt better. I asked her what happened and her eyes filled up with tears again and the first words from her mouth were (Sisiter! My Dad Will Beat Me) “bajji…bajji mera abba maare ga mujhe.” and I understood why she was scared, why she was still there and didn’t go home like the rest of her siblings. She told me that a guy on a motor cycle stopped on the signal, she went to him trying to sell some floral necklaces , he said he’ll buy them but as soon as the signal opened he snatched the necklaces and all the money from her hand and rode off. She was supposed to give the days report and money to her father but she was afraid of him and didn’t go home.

I really hate what the world has come to, money matters more than their own flesh and blood? these kids could’ve had better lives. their luck that they ended up with people behind this whole wide spread business.

I felt bad for her and gave her the money she lost. I couldn’t leave her there as it was late and I was thinking on what to do when her brother came running from behind and took her. I felt really sorry for her, she wouldn’t have agreed to going with her brother if she didn’t have the money to give to her dad. I really hate what the world has come to, money matters more than their own flesh and blood? these kids could’ve had better lives. their luck that they ended up with people behind this whole wide spread business. And what about that motorcycle guy? I’m sure he might be gloating about this incident among his friends like he pulled off some cool stunt.

Moments like these really make you think “What is this world coming to.” and makes you question the fact that whether things’ll ever change or not. I hope they will, I hope we can step forward and make that change happen.

Submitted By : Anonymous47

Sculptures Made From Pencils


 Sculptures Made From Pencils

Pencils ,the first thing that comes to mind is; writing,drawing and sketching & they have been in use for these purposes  for a very long time. HB graded pencils are normally used for writing while H graded pencils are used for creative works like sketching and drawing. Common types of pencils include

  • Graphite pencils
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Grease pencils

The pencils used for writing and drawing have a graphite core and whatever you write or draw can easily be erased by an eraser.

Artists mainly use charcoal pencils for drawing and sketching and colored pencils for coloring drawings .

Grease pencils have a waxy core and can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass and porcelain.

These days artists from various countries are using them to make creative stuff, stuff that one couldn’t even imagine to be made of pencils. For example sculptures are made out of pencils which look unique and mind blowing. Many shapes and objects have also been made from pencils in a beautiful and colorful way.

Got pencils which have become smaller in size after using? Well don’t throw them away. Use them to make something creative ! You might have seen sculptures carved out of wood, metal etc but have you ever seen sculptures made out of, Pencils!!!

Check out these amazing sculptures made with pencils by Federico Uribe below:




By: Iqra Javed. 

Salty Rainbows

Salty Rainbows

Colors  represent different types of moods, emotions and thoughts. As in some situations red color is the sign of danger but when it comes to a rose; red color becomes the true representation of love. In the same way in the Chinese folklore ,black color is thought to be the sign of bad spirits. But it is also one of the most favorite colors amongst people. Similarly, colorful things present a soothing effect on our eyes and is a source of peace of mind to see such decorations on our tables, shelves , study tables etc. Salt and colored chalk art is one of the easiest and and adorable craft to do.
All you need is chalk , salt and some attractive shaped bottles. The simple steps are mentioned below.
It is usually done by spreading some salt on paper and rubbing it by your favorite color of chalk. Rubbing of salt is continued until the salt gets the same color as the chalk has. Now take some bottles having different shapes, that will add to the beauty of colored salt, the same paper is given the shape of a funnel and the colored chalk is poured in the bottle. By repeating the same procedure, bottles can be filled with different colored chalks.
These simple steps give an end result worthy to be placed in your rooms as a beautiful decor. It is also called a rainbow salt because of the pattern of the colored salt in the bottles as they do not mix with each other and stay as a separate layer, unless you shake the bottles. If the colors mix, your beautiful rainbow of colors will turn muddy looking.
Salty Rainbows


War And Peace


Just before today,
whenever people died.
My heart felt the panic,
and my eyes cried.
Today my eyes are dry as a bone
Children crying for their parents.
Parents dying before them.
Things which we would hate to see.
Are being seen now and then.
Humanity is pleading for her survival.
In the strident combat field.

Is there someone to help, anyone to shield?
Let us come and try to stop the war.
And the dance of agony.
And bring this world again the breeze of
Joy, peace and harmony.

By : Marina Yaseen Qureshi

Easy Way To Draw On Fabric

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”   Edward de Bono

Have you ever thought of doing fabric drawing with the eraser of a pencil? Sounds weird and crazy, right?
But what’s even weirder is that you can actually do it and amaze your friends.
For that you need a pencil with an eraser on its other end. Dip the end of eraser in the conventional chlorine bleach. With that eraser you can draw desired patterns on different fabrics.
Start making patterns on your bed sheets, pillows, cushion covers and other clothes. Be the first one to amaze your friends with this unique and creative idea.




By: Nabiha Malik


A Clever Way To Reuse Something From The Bathroom

Last weekend I had a creative idea while I was holding an empty toilet paper cardboard that I found one afternoon when I woke up and went to my washroom to freshen up.
I came to my study table which was its usual mess with scissors, glue, stapler and pens lying around. I was a bit delighted to see the mess that day, the same mess that always made my mother angry and concerned me as well. I decided to decorate my home with the flowers made from this stuff and make something creative from it.

Let me show you how I made those beautiful flowers ; I’ll try to elaborate it step by step so it’s easy for you guys to try it at home.


I cleared the table and only kept those things which I needed to make the flowers:
1. Toilet paper cardboard rolls
2. Scissors
3. Stapler or pins
4. Paint colors
5. Painting brush
6. Glue stick

Step 2:

To make the leaves of the flower, I cut the cardboard roll into pieces such that it’s thickness would be about 2 cm.

Step 3:

After that I painted the leaves using the color pencils and highlighters. I pasted all the leaves together to form a flower.

Step 4:

I made some flowers of different colors in the same way then pasted all the flowers together.
I applied a layer of varnish to make them stronger and shinier then I waited till they were completely dry then I hung them on the wall using pins.
You should choose a paint color which is lighter than the color you really want because when you put on the varnish layer the color will turn darker.

I suggest you all to try this I am sure it will turn out to be a fun-filled and creative experience for you.





By: Muhammad Mashhood