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Parliamentary Debates at CASE

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1.       What Is It?

CASE thinkers forum  in media partnership with Revolution Flame bring to you exciting Parliamentary debates. The event also includes Urdu Humorous debates.  Guidebook regarding that is available on CASE photocopy shop.

2.       Who can apply?
The event is open for all CASE students and their associates.

3-       When is it?
10th December 2012 at 3:00 PM

4-   Where is it?
Mini Auditorium Center for Advanced Studies in Engineering Pakistan.

Further Details:

Registration Fee per indivdual would be 250 RS.

For registrations and details contact person:

Saad Waseem +92-333-5150333

Freeganism (Fight against hunger)

Trepidation would overcome most of you, if you happen to visit the people infested with poverty someday. The squalid temporary settlements on the roadside, the grimy bordering of naddis filled with industrial defecation and slums; the zhoddapatti that you have only seen in Bollywood movies up till now are not the depictions of a bygone era. Places like these still exists. Follow a malnourished rabid dog whose stomach has sunk in due to lack of food to scavenge upon, and you would stumble upon these new places. Behold a world of hunger.

According to World Hunger and Poverty Statistics, as of 2010; 925 million people were hungry worldwide with majority being the inhabitants of developing nations. That means 13.1 percent of the world population or almost 1 in 7 people are hungry. These alarming figures came in the wake of a research that claimed “17% more calories per person are produced by world today than it did 30 years ago.

When enough food is being produced today, then why are people still hungry?
This confusion was resolved when experts came up with rising poverty, political ideological conflicts and sudden climate changes as the reasons for the wastage of food.

Today every morsel being wasted is a slap on the faces of those who can’t afford it. To counter it the concept of “Freeganism” barges in the theater known as world and proclaims, “Voila.”

Wikipedia states,
“Freeganism is the practice of reclaiming and eating food that has been discarded.”

What started primarily as poor foraging in the dumps for food has now become a global movement claiming to adhere to principles of anarchism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism and religion. In an interview to New York Entertainer, Alf a freegan described Freeganism as a loose coalition with a real sense of global injustice.

Conceding the fact that the freegans are an unorganized lot, surprisingly their modus operandi and ethics are universally same. A good Bin Raider, who wants to live an indolent life and believes in sharing his/her catch with others is cordially welcomed in their fraternity worldwide.

Ironically this movement is confined within the boundaries of developed nations, where generally citizens have a higher standard of living as compared to the under-developed nations. In the wastage of resources, Americans ranks first with 40% of their food resources discarded annually. Imagine half eaten sandwiches, whole egg trays, cartons of milk enough to feed more than 67 million poor people worldwide rotting in bins. The research of NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) pointed out that food waste makes up the largest component of solid waste in America. In the Arab region, Saudi Arabia leads the race.

But as we divert our gaze from the developed nations to the Asian and African region of the world, a plethora of “Kabaris” can be witnessed, where even scrapped, discarded stuff is traded. The garbage dumps sports vegetable peel offs and bones that hardly have a scrape of meat clinging on them. Broken transistors and television sets are traded in the market, which are then refurbished and reused. The naked savagery of the world is evident in these kinds of places, as here “Freeganism” doesn’t exist.

With food supplies and other resources being wasted in garbage cans, it is indeed a pragmatic maneuver to consume it, rather than letting it decompose. The economic concept of “Scarcity of resources” has been known to hallucinate many wise men, but if measures will be taken to stop the resource wastage; then it is high time to rekindle your faith, as the world is rushing towards the inevitable crisis.


Free Men


Photo Credits : Google

Don’t let yourself be ruled, under the despotic abuse of authority. Tyrants infests in societies, where people are blind to distinguish between good and evil. We all are living in a false lull, believing that everything is all right and things would back to normal themselves. And there, the tyrants stands and laughs at our hopelessness, construing our silences as approval to loot and terrorise us.
Let us become all the people of action, and throw the overtures of those who wish to make us their subjects. Let us all work together to bring a love revolution.

We are free and we all deserve to live as free men. So wake up, step up and speak up and fight for your rights!


Written by : Terrance Callaghan

Aina Arshad’s Interview

Passionate about color and design and an entrepreneur in her own right, Aina Arshad is a recent graduate from university of Peshawar in Textile design. Her work consists of hand- made Textile products and fashion-focused pieces with a strong design content. She believes that great designs come from within the soul that are translated into funky, bold colors. In 2010, she started her own label with the name m.i.r.r.o.r home reflections. M.i.r.r.o.r is an online store, that celebrates the world of surface pattern design from the past and present. View Mirror’s Portfolio Here

What makes you unique from all?
My hard work and dedication as well as passion for continuously bringing newer products in the market are what separate me from others in this field. My attention to smallest details in the work that I do satisfies me and my customers alike.

Where did your achievements take you?

Initially, when I started M.i.r.r.o.r, my work was published in the New York Young Designers’ Blog and today I am working with a few of pakistan’s biggest retailers. On a more personal level, I am happy that I have found an area of work where I can use my full potential and excel to provides customers with desired products.

Three things you can’t live without?
My phone, my work and …. Not sure what else

How would you arrange Fame, Money, Love and Respect?
Respect, love, fame and money

Any disappointments that you faced in your passion?
I have faced a lot of disappointments following my passion, but none were large enough to deter me from my goal of creating a brand that celebrates the world of colour.

The harshest comment that you heard about yourself?
There have been quite a few but someone one’s said that my work wasn’t up to the mark and no one would buy. But with my continuous hard work ive proved them wrong.

Message for Youth?
Work hard and there will be no one and nothing to stop you from you achieving your goal.

I Saw A Tear


One day, quite early a morning

At my door somebody knocked

A beggar it was

Whose appearance had me shocked!

Wrapped in a filthy cloth

I avoided looking at his face

“Oh a black”, I mocked

“Give me some money, can you?” he asked

“No, but before you go

Tell me for a petty some of money,

You beg

Why is it so?”

To this he replied “Oh miss

You have home to live

You have food to eat

And before you here I stand

Clueless of how to make my ends meet

I know not of tomorrow

But I do know

I have a life

And a fate to borrow

So to home when I go back

I can bless my little souls

With whatever they lack

I can watch them, be glad

And snatch them back

From the sorrows I had

Since the time they entered

This heartless world

Till today

They have confronted every affliction

My agonies; for which they have to pay

I pray to God

May he never Plan

A life so full of distress

For His beloved man

I have to live it all, now you see.

Oh how would you ever comprehend

The worth of one rupee?”

That day

I saw the strongest heart

Being brutally torn apart

I saw the boldest soul

Being drifted to the bleakest hole

I saw the elegant ego

Being demolished by a nasty blow

I saw a tear..

Written By: Komal Chaudhry

Photo Credits: Hammad Asghar

For those who claim “I am jobless”

Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Small business day used to organize on 24th of November every year in different countries to highlight the contribution of business men and women to small business. Events are planned on this day to get together potential small business investors, business graduates looking to start their own business, manufacturers and traders. It is an immense opportunity for the participating business institution to promote their products and services. Here we would like to take the privilege of acknowledging some small business owners by sharing their efforts;

• Mr. Aamir who is a Teacher in a very well known institution was interesting in setting up his own business. He with his Mrs. who is also a Teacher opened a school and now they are doing so well. It is a very good school of its kind. They are providing an educational environment to students on very low dues. Which a good effort is for the people around that locality but for parents too who can’t afford good education on high dues.

• Mrs. Mehboob who is a widow and after the sudden death of her husband she continued his business and runs a canteen.

• A sandwich seller who told us that when he started selling sandwiches he just has a corner at the side of a shop and now he is opening a shop where he’ll sell sandwiches, burger and other eatables. He started with small investment but worked hard a lot in it. (I myself impressed by his presentation of making and selling sandwiches He maintains cleanliness, and without any sitting arrangements there is always a crowd to buy sandwiches.)

• A lady who sells ‘Kofta Kabab’ sitting her home after the death of her husband. She says it gives her self confidence that she is not depended on anyone for running her home and bearing the expense of her children. She earns well from it and happily living mother with obedient children.

• A lady who has started sewing clothes and ends in opening her own boutique which is running so well.

• A student who is running his father’s butcher shop after his death to fulfill the needs of his family while continuing his education in the evening. • Another student who is a florist and takes the contract of decoration in weddings with the help of his other needy friends. He studies in an academy and continuing his education in the evening.

These are some inspirational and motivational stories for those people who are educated but lying idle saying ‘I’m jobless’ or ‘ yahan job ni milti yaar’. Job isn’t the only way to earn livelihood if you’re educated then start your own business. And if you aren’t educated then take inspiration from vendors, labors and all other people who didn’t get the chance of studying unfortunately but earning their livelihood on their own. So feel your responsibilities instead of blaming others. When every person will determine to start his own business than unemployment and poverty won’t exist anymore.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated in day in day out”

Robert Collier

Written by : Qurat ul ain

Lights, Camera and Mehndi !

Bridal hand mehendi henna design‘Mehndi!’ the word itself fills our senses with that beautiful smell of henna. Girls would not mind imagining the orange-brown color of the henna designs. The application of henna adds hue to different special occasions. Weddings are incomplete and Eid celebrations are boring without mehndi. This act of skin decoration is common in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and of course Pakistan! The application of henna also became popular as a fashion in the West in the late 1990’s, where this was known as ‘henna tattoos’.

Mehendi decorations are a prominent factor of many special occasions including weddings, Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha in Muslim countries and also in Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Diwali, Bhaidooj and Teej etc. This ceremonial art form originated from Ancient India. Now it is also popular in the Gulf States. Africa, Somalia and many other related cultural regions. It has special importance among Muslims particularly, Pakistanis. Different regions of Pakistan have different traditions and customs related to the act of application of mehendi. All over, the people recognize the cultural importance of this act and try to pass on this to their next generations as it were passed to them.

girls mehendi henna designs creativeIts fever among the girls has heightened its importance. Young girls consider it an obligation to decorate their hands with beautiful henna designs on different festive occasions. The mehndi fever makes them crave for the best mehndi designs. This often leads to a competition among the cousins or friends. No one wants to stay behind in the race of getting their hands or feet decorated with the most mesmerizing henna designs. Mehndi also has a cultural importance for brides. Passed on from generation to generation, this tradition has not lost its significance. Mehendi has become an ornament for the brides. In fact one whole ceremony dedicated to its celebrations, known as ‘Mehndi’.  The decoration of bride is not complete, if henna is not applied on her hands and feet. Sometimes the name of the bridegroom is also hidden within the mehendi pattern on the bride’s palm.

The application of mehndi also has a religious aspect. It is used by Muslims as a dye for hair and for the beards of the males. This is in accordance with the tradition of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) who used to use turmeric dye in his beard. In this way, the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) is followed, as well as, it is also considered akin to something good or fortunate. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) also encouraged Muslim women to dye their nails with henna so their hands could be distinguished from those of males.

Some interesting facts about henna:

  1. In Egypt, Pharaohs who passed away were painted with henna in order to live a great afterlife and be easily identified.
  2. Moroccan women celebrating Eid-ul-Adha wear henna to celebrate springtime and the sacrifice of an animal.
  3. When henna was first used, Egyptian men and women would dip their fingers into henna in order to have red tipped fingers. It was considered inappropriate to leave the house without henna’ed hands.
  4. Rural North African people still use henna twigs as toothpicks to keep their gums and teeth healthy.
  1. Muslim styled henna is typical of floral patterns and negative spaces. Objects like the peacock, raja/rani is not permitted as it personifies God.
  2. Hindu styled henna is typical of intricate patterns, geometric shapes, and the use of peacocks, mangoes, parrots, Ganesha and name writing.


Written By : Annie Khan

AirEx Innovation Challenge’12

airex'12 GIKI AIAA

Social Media Partners : Revolution Flame

An All-Pak Competition from AIAA-GIKI where students across the nation will lock horns in scintillating modules & exciting challenges to test their might in technical competitiveness.
To unite students and industry by inspiring innovation and ingenuity in the minds of future generations. Through the exploration of today’s achievements, we hope to encourage tomorrow’s scientific endeavors.

What is all about ?

After the enormous success of AirEx’11, AIAA GIKI Chapter brings to you its eagerly anticipated sequel, AirEx’12 INNOVATION CHALLENGE. The event is conceived to guide students to correlate the academic and theoretical knowledge acquired over the years to its practical significance and implementation. It is an opportunity to test you against the best in the country and to scrutinize your abilities and potential before the inevitable dive into the realms and rigours of professional life. The event envisages new fascinating modules that give a stern examination to the student’s creativity, thinking skills and radical decision making.

Event Modules :

  • Aero Biz
  • High In The Sky
  • Sky Wars
  • Beat Gravity the Wright Way
  • Sky Lanterns
  • Boomerang
  • Conquer The Sky
  • Angry wings

Social Events:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Performing Arts Festival
  • Beach Football
  • Hiking Trip
  • Theme Dinner

How To Apply?

To apply, simply write a letter of intent and send it to along with your CV.

Deadline to apply: 14th November 2012

What would you get?

It is an opportunity to test you against the best in the country and to scrutinize your abilities and
potential before the inevitable dive into the realms and rigors of professional life.

Event Date:

30th Nov – 2nd Dec 2012


Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Topi, Swabi, KPK

Benefits to Teams Applying through Revolution Flame:

1) Their photos would be specially featured on Revolution Flame’s Facebook Page
2) If they win, Revolution Flame would publish their Exclusive interviews
3) During the whole event , Revolution Flame Ambassadors would be tweeting live with their names, performances and achievements !!!

How to apply “Through Revolution Flame”?

Just follow the steps written below and you will become a part of this wonderful event!

  1. To register, just go to and download the registration forms
  2. Write on top of your form with pen “Applying through Revolution Flame“.
  3. All the correspondence between AIAA-GIKI Chapter and the team will be carried out through the team representative mentioned on the registration form.
  4. Make a bank draft in lieu of the following account: GIK Institute (C/O AIAA-GIKI Chapter) HBL, GIKI Branch, Topi (DST) Swabi for submission of the registration fee of PKR 2500 per participant.*
  5. All the teams are required to mail the following documents:
    i. Registration Form
    ii. Liability form
    iii. CNIC/Student ID cards (Photocopies) of all team members
    iv. Bank Draft
    To the following address:
    Muhammad Abdur Rafae (Coordinator Liaison Team)
    Room 13, Hostel 3
    GIK Institute, Topi-23640, (DST) Swabi.
  6. The representatives of AIAA-GIKI Chapter will call, fax or e-mail the team representative to confirm that AIAA-GIKI Chapter have received the above mentioned documents.
  7. After the completion of entire registration process, an official invitation and event schedule will be sent by AIAA-GIKI Chapter to all teams. It will contain the details of your team, so you must show the letter upon arrival at GIKI for the event.

Social Media Partners : Revolution Flame

Have a look at what’s upcoming in AirEx’12.

Compiled by: Nouman Akram

Zubair Karamat

Xubayr mayo RF photographer HDToday, We bring you Zubair Karamat. A Lahore based Photographer who is trying to learn the art of capturing the moments which will last forever as he enjoys doing candid photography becausse it gives him the special moments and the true smile of the person rather than making it a posed one with no story behind it.

Here’s his exclusive interview with Revolution Flame

What makes you unique from all?

To me I believe in learning and taking criticism positively, Photography is an art for me, I believe in creating pictures to speak for themselves not just taking them with long Captions.

Where did your achievements take you?

  • Finest achievement recently came while working with Hamza Ali @T20 World Cup 2012 TV Ad Promo for Tensports Channel.
  • One of my Photo from the Lahore Fort was Sold in USA through Buy & Sell group on Facebook.
  • Judged a Photo Competition @UET, Lahore which became a great experience and I happened to see some great talent in students of UET regarding Photography.

Three things you can’t live without?

There are many things but to list three will be

  • DSLR Camera
  • Knowledge
  • Loyal Friends

How would you arrange Fame, Money, Love and Respect?

Respect comes on top of everything, if you get Respect then rest all just come together with no order.

Any disappointments that you faced in your passion?

Not until now, my clients are very humbled and thanks to Allah my Passion is going strong with no hurdle.

Message for Youth?

My only message to youth is to believe in yourself and do what makes you smile for yourself, nothing in this world can give you what you need until and unless you start believing in yourself and act accordingly.

Here is some of his work for more follow this link    Some More Awe-Inspiring Clicks By Xubayr

Or you can visit his facebook page too 😛   Xubayr Mayo Facebook Page

Tomb Muhammad Ali JInnah

Ancient Midevial FORT