HULT at NUST 2016- Building the Social Enterprise


Event Details

Date: December 1, 2015 through December 10, 2015

Venue: Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) and CIPS, NUST

The HULT Prize Competition 2016:
The HULT prize competition is a joint initiative by the HULT International Business School and Clinton Global initiative. It is the world’s largest start-up challenge that brings together brightest minds from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues.  TIMES magazine has listed the HULT prize competition among the top five ideas changing the world. It provides the students with necessary funding and mentorship to develop their idea into a social enterprise. The HULT Prize foundation aims to launch the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


The event starts with local competitions where teams from different schools of the same university compete. The winners of the local competition then move onto the regional finals. There are six regional finals held at six different campuses of HULT International Business School. The six regional finalists attend the HULT prize accelerator which is a six week mentorship program. During this program, the teams attend extensive entrepreneurship seminars and hone their idea into a bankable enterprise under the mentorship of world class entrepreneurs. The teams have 24 hour access to all the resources and facilities that the accelerator has to offer.

Following the conclusion of HULT prize accelerator program, the regional finalists attend the global finals held in New York.  The teams present their ideas in front of world class audience. The winning team is selected by Bill Clinton and other judges and is awarded a US$ 1 million seed funding. The global champions get to launch their enterprise under continued mentorship ad support from the HULT prize accelerator.
This Year’s Challenge:
The challenge for this year was to tackle the problem of crowded urban spaces and to present a sustainable, scalable and a fast growing model of a social enterprise that double the income of people residing in crowded urban spaces, by better connecting people, goods, services and capital.


National University of Science and Technology was the only university in Pakistan chosen to host the HULT Prize completion in Pakistan. A staggering number of 72 teams participated in the completion from NUST alone. The organizing committee worked hard right from the start to make the event a success. It was due to their efforts that this year NUST was among the top 5 universities globally to have received the largest number of registrations.

The Chief Guest:

Miss Bella Evidente, country program manager UN Habitat Pakistan, was the chief guest of the ceremony and also a member of the panel of judges. Ms. Bella, a Philippine national, started her career in the UN System in 1996 with UNDP working on poverty reduction and HIV/AIDS portfolios in the Philippines and in Cambodia. She has worked with UN habitat Kenya and UNOPS Afghanistan before being appointed Country Program Manager and Representative for UN Habitat Pakistan.

The Judges:

The distinguished panel further consisted of Mr. Malik Asghar Naeem, head of urban and regional planning department of SCEE, NUST and Mr. Adnan Faisal, general manager Technology Incubation Center (TIC), NUST. TIC is the largest tech incubator in Pakistan and boasts multiple startups valued above million dollars. Possessing expertise in fields of technology entrepreneurship, sustainability and social policy, the committee ensured that the winning ideas were innovative and viable.

The Winning teams:

Team Catalyst II stood third with their idea of developing a value based services institute.

Securing second place, team Molecule’s idea was to divide the society in multiple tiers, each having different functions.

The winners of HULTt Prize at NUST and regional qualifiers for the next round were team Lyon from College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME). Their idea, ‘The Eato Initiative’, is based on cost effective availability and accessibility of food and aims to serve the less privileged masses by decreasing their monthly food expenditure.

The team believes a large portion of the monthly income of urban poor is spent on food which forces them to compromise other basic necessities of life. Team Lyon intends to curb poverty by making a food enterprise in the crowded urban areas.


HULT prize at NUST was backed by Askari cement Limited. Askari cement are the country’s leading cement manufacturers. With two operational plants, it is supports a large pool of employees. HULT Prize at NUST collaborated with NUST Media Club (NMC). NMC was the official media partner and was responsible for event coverage. The contributions of the sponsors and collaborators led to the successful execution of the event.
Event Gallery:




The Honorable Panel of Judges


Ms. Bella during Q/A session that follows the presentation by teams


Team Lyon being presented with Certificates and Souvenirs


The Chief Guest Miss Bella Evidante being presented with a souvenir by Dr.Yasar Ayaz


Contributed By: Hamza Abid
Edited by: Kiran Ashraf

Moin Khan -

Reliving Moin Khan’s Different Agenda

Pakistan, a country that has met massive defamation for its fundamentalist or extremist mentality, has suffered since day one of its birth. There have been major obstacles in its way to jump from underdeveloped to the developing countries list.

What we see majorly is only hatred and spreading a crude negativity about the country. Many have even gone to the point of criticizing its existence. Such times are tough to face especially for a nationally and internationally traumatized country like Pakistan. Luckily, despite many challenges starting from poverty to extremism, from sanitation to education, it still houses a lot of talented individuals who wish to promote Pakistan, their homeland, in a positive manner.

The youth of Pakistan is educated and understands the need to clear out their country’s name that has been associated with all the vices previously. This special talented lot of individuals have been working hard promoting peace and harmony whilst holding the Pakistan banner proudly throughout. Who would have thought that this could be done on a motorbike? But Moin Khan proved all wrong.

Hailing from Lahore, he went to San Francisco to complete his further studies, and from there on he began his 18 months, 40,000 km epic journey from San Francisco to Lahore not by airplanes or buses, but on his bike. His titled his journey, ‘A Different Agenda’ which absolutelysuited his perspective. Moin says he started working up to three jobs and worked 70 hrs a weeks to earn and gather enough money to successfully complete this venture he was so passionate about.He came across a number of people from different countries with different cultural values and backgrounds and made sure to make the experience memorable for both, himself and them.

Moin Khan -

And as if surviving merely on boiled rice and ketchup was not enough, he did not carry with him a map. Being the wanderer that he is, he believed in getting lost to find the meaning of life. Moin stated,

“My agenda was to help decrease the gap in the world’s perceptions of Pakistan. I met thousands of people, talked and stayed with them, and I think I had success getting a positive response of the people that common Pakistanis are good people.”


Despite facing discouraging attitude from many people claiming his target to be unachievable, immature and impossible, Khan had his eyes and mind set on his goal. Even after a number of minor and some major accidents, Moin did not waiver from his initial wish. Broken bones and an unsalvageable bike only made his determination stronger and his will power to carry on even firmer.



Knowing his story and his positive attitude, a number of people started donating to his cause, some being kind enough to send motor bike parts for a flawless smooth journey. A mechanic in Romania after learning about his journey and his aim, repaired his bike for free.  Moin Khan carried no electronic device on his way to Pakistan and had to meet and get directions from a number of people to know his way making him meet an even larger group of people.

Moin hoisted the Pakistani flag in a number of countries and areas, which thought wrong of Pakistan previously but after seeing his positive attitude, their views regarding Pakistan and Muslims changed drastically. His six month journey gave him experiences and tales for a lifetime. He claimed to have not felt a single moment worth of negativity or hostility and thanks God who had given him the strength to go on and bring a change in perceptions.

Moin Khan reached Pakistan on December 31, 2011. He was welcomed by a large group of his fans, friends and family along with Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef. Moin was given a shield on this occasion for his efforts in changing perceptions regarding Pakistan, in his speech Moin stated that the fate of Pakistan lies in the hands of its own people, its own youth, an no one else would come help change Pakistan as a country if it were not for them.

Moin Khan touched the hearts of many people, explaining and clearing their inhibitions regarding Pakistan. He was kind and shared stories from the past. He made sure that every person he met had a positive affiliation towards the country by the end of his meeting. The zealous biker would be contributing in giving Pakistan a positive limelight and is all set to infuse his skills and enthusiasm in Pakistani women bikers.

“I will try to introduce sports biking in Pakistan and want to train Pakistani women in this field. Women who are interested in this game will get free gear and training.”


Written By:
Kehkishan Khalid,
HRM, Writer, Revolution Flame.

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Streets That Never Sleep

Food has always been delighting Pakistani taste buds. No matter what city you belong to, you would always end up looking for places having a blend of beautiful ambiance, spectacular view, and off course, delicious food to accompany.

When we talk about good food, food streets are the first to pop up in our mind where every second corner is surrounded by people getting serenaded from the smell of mouth-watering delights. Pakistan is a country rich in food delicacies and the availability of ready-to-eat food on streets is a huge part of our daily lives. Let’s hop on the street food train and travel the cities of such tempting snacks.


Lahore is the city known as the heart of food lovers.  Its famous food street is situated in Gawalmandi which initially started as a festival in celebration for completing fifteen hundred years of the city. What makes it more beautiful is that it is surrounded by century’s old, marvelous historical places like Landabazaar, Lahore Fort and Baansaan wala bazaar.

Famous food specialties like Haressa, Channa Batura, Tuka Tuk, Samosa Chat, Haleem, Lasi and Pan are some of the scrumptious dishes served at the food street.

The amazing thing about this street is that it remains open 24/7 a week excluding the Holy month of Ramadan. At night, the streets glitter with shinning lights as the food admirers start filling every nook and corner of the street.

Lahore Food Streets

Lahore Food Streets


Next door to the state capital lies a prominent food street of Kartarpura which is known for its yummy traditional meals. Nulla Nihari, Patoorhe, Mutton Tikka, Beef Samosa and Jaleebi are the top-notch food specialties served there. The street is not only famous among the old residents, instead new comers from different parts of the country frequently visit it adorning the food along with the culture attached with the surrounding as well.

Different varieties of Tandoori Roti like Chicken Rogninaan and Keema Rogninaan are also very famous.

Important feature about the food street is that in Ramadan, it remains open till Sehri so customers can visit and enjoy food at the time convenient to them.

Rawalpindi Food Street


Karachi is one of the most ethnically diverse cities with people from all caste and ethnicity. Burns Road is the heaven of food in Karachi with its richness of food.

From sizzling Nihari, Sajji, Biryani, Kata Kut, Bunkebab, to sweet Faluda, Rabbri and Kulfi, this is the place to visit.

After partition, most people from Delhi migrated to Karachi and resided in Burns Roads, Many shopkeepers of that time reproduced recipes of Delhi’s traditional food. The hustle and bustle of crowd around the shops is a daily routine at this food street since years. A recent adaptation of the food street is at Port Grand. The brilliant view and the cold gust of the lake is a treat to people which they can enjoy along with the food.

Karachi Food Street

Karachi Food Street

Karachi Food Streets


It is a wide spread misconception that the city of Peshawar has less of food varieties as compared to other cities but this is not true at all. The Clock Tower, commonly known as Ghanta Ghar is the place of tempting eats. Constructed in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, the tower surroundings serve as a food street for Peshawar residents.

Great smells of BBQ, Keema Kebab, Kalool (Kidney bean dish), Chaka (Eastern take on Tzatziki) and Mantu (Afghani beef dumpling) are always bustling in the streets atmosphere.

Okra and Pumpkin are also among the street food that you will encounter in Peshawar. The freshness of the food and the authenticity without the addition of any flavored chemicals and preservatives is what makes the food more appetizing and appealing.

We as a country are people of big hearts and hospitable nature and our food speaks our welcoming language. If they get the right promotion and acknowledgement, we can actually expose the world this desi dining experience.

Peshawar Food Street

Peshawar Food Street

Peshawar Food Street


Photo Credits : Flickr, Dawn Newspaper and Pukhtoogle

Game of thrones!

Lets raise the flags high,
Lets call them thieves-maggots,
Lets burn their castles gates-
and tear them flesh and bones,
Remember, tis the need of hour,
Listen, tis the man with power,
Country, my country so long you did,
Now stand, join-hands
Or hush do stuffed,
thee infidel, thee pagan!
If that’s what you believe ,
If that’s what you feel,
Believe me O friend,
Believe me poor fella,
the Night has just started,
the knight has yet to born,
So far you have to go,
No near is your destiny,
Just sit a while and breathe,
Do look around O sage,
the puppet show has just begun,
of demons around angels,
Don’t die O fool so near,
Don’t die hear tis easy,
behold but grip your faith, 
Wait now for beloved Queen,
Don’t hand-out on bishop,
Don’t sell your fate so cheap,
O pawn Of Game of Chess,
O pawn of King makers.

Written By : Faizan Ahmed 

1947 – 2012



Pakistan independence day
Back is the green
Back is the white
Back are the joys
Back is the delight

Buckle your seat belts
We are going downtown
Down in the memory lane
To make you astound
I remember those days
When rule was of “White”
Muslims and Hindus
Rebelled all day and night

Let’s glance at the history
Where politics was played
Where it was a mystery
Who was loyal and who betrayed

Power was lost
Strength was gained
Majority obtained
Minority detained

Then emerged the leaders
Then rose the rebellion
Then raised a slogan
“Now or never, are we to live or perish forever?”

Martyrdom was the price
More than a million paid
Then came the poets
In came the zeal
In came the leaders
In came the movements
There was no ration
What they had was passion
There was war going on
There were battles being fought
They severely lacked arms
All they had were two arms
They were slaughtered with spears
But in their eyes was no FEAR
The destiny they seek
Though seemed, so bleak
Was again in sight
They struck with all might

A million souls was the price
For the land in which, we reside
Back is the day, when this deal finalized
Back is the day, back is the pride.

O My homeland, my motherland,
My love and O my life,
I will heal your wounds
Protect you with my life
You gave me a place
Numerous resources to thrive

What if I lack gas, water and light?
What if I starve each day and night?
What if I am being killed in bright sunlight?
What if I am being mocked for their delight?

Back is this day, the days were the same
The pain endured by my ancestors was same
So who am I now, to complain?
Everything is just.. mundane
United they were and so should me
If I have to leave marks of glory on the eternity

We are a nation in truest of sense
United in adversity and that too, immense
Pakistanis rephrased history, historic times
They smashed world record, record times

So why are you sad?
Why is this gloom?
It’s time to cherish
It’s time to bloom
Walk with pride O Pakistani!
Back is the day, back is the time
Back is the day to sing national rhymes
Back is the glory, Back is the time!

Written By : Syed Ommer Amer

Photo Credits : Azka Durrani

Happy Independance Day Pakistan

Happy Independence Day to all.

A prayer for prosperity of Pakistan, for the love of this country and for the Peace of this nation from the core of our heart!  Oh God, Bless us with Peace, Joy and Prosperity. Bless us with all the good things one can have. Give us patience, Oh Lord! We want the Peace back in this country. The blasts and drenching country we had never dreamed of it. Please take it away from us, dear God. Bless us with what we deserve! Give our Beautiful Country back to us…

Video Sources:
3D Haram View
Ye Watan Tumhara Hay [Music] Hassan Raza Photography