Salesforce Designers

Certified Salesforce UX Designers

Our aspiring SFDC designers are aspiring experts available to build and design solutions on the Salesforce Platform. We have a deep knowledge of how-to problem-solve and design using core UX concepts and be able to deliver unique experiences using the Salesforce Platform's core features. We put relationship design thru Human centric design methodologies to put delightful experiences to everyone who interacts with your Salesforce org.


Campaign Performance

Real-time campaign performance.

At RF Studio we create campaign dashboards. It allows you to take a holistic view of campaigns and smoothly integrate direct mail and other activities. Analyze the performance of your Direct Mail campaigns with regular reporting. Never miss a beat! Measure campaign performance in real-time for all of your offline campaigns and discount-code based activities.

Design for the user, not for yourself

Design for Customers on SFDC

The Creative Experience Design & Technology House

Salesforce Configuration

All kind of Salesforce configuration like Building Object Model, Layouts Designing, Workflow Designing, Process Automation, All type of clouds configuration.

Salesforce Integration

Any application integration with
Salesforce by using API's or connectors.

Salesforce Development

Any application building & customization using Apex, Visualforce Page and Lightning.

Salesforce Lighting Component

Salesforce Lightning Web Component, Salesforce Aura Components.

SFDC Migration Planning CLI

One CLI to Rule them All...

Developer Experience tools for Salesforce

qforce is a set of commands to help with salesforce development process. Super charge your SOQL queries, move data between orgs with ease and make development easy/efficient. All this and more with qforce.



Unleash the power of Salesforce

Design for your future

RF studio provides end to end Salesforce consulting services. We help our clients, architect and design their Salesforce clouds based on their business requirements. Starting with Salesforce Personas, we do the analysis of business and design requirements, facilitate futurecasting and design thinking to imagine solutions. We agree on key systems and principles and develop guidelines and strategy for execution

Saleforce output

Our Salesforce Consultants


Max Raza

Certified SFDC Designer

Dr. Qui

Board Member
Sr. Salesforce Consultant


SFMC Consultant
Salesforce Marketing Cloud


SFMC Consultant
Campaign Specialist


Country Head, UK
SF Commerce Cloud


Director Technical
Senior Solutions Architect

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