RF Studio's Helps Rock & Ruddle In Email Marketing

Thank you for helping us grow. We never seen Email Marketing like an active channel of growth before. 

Case Study: RF Studio Help to Design Email Automation & Campaigns

Abandoned carts and customer churn were key issues, RF Studio helped Rock and Ruddle to design email automations and campaigns to delight customers and win them back.

Solution: Optimize Campaigns to fix AOV & LTV

A high cost of acquisition was being spent by Rock & Ruddle team to bring in new customers to funnel. However both the AOV (Average Order Value) and LTV (Lifetime Value) were below expectations. RF Studio helped in optimizing campaigns to fix the AOV and LTV but also built journeys which started to win back customers and grew repeat orders from first time buyers.

Results Against Client KPIs: Get More Revenue & Sales

  • 3X Revenue Growth
  • Impressive Sales
  • Growth in Balck Friday Season 2021

Tools Used:



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