RF Studio's Helps Neuronics LLC to reach out new audience

Our technical solutions required exceptional marketing team to reach out new audiences. And RF Studio’s hand holding from brand inception to execution has been phenomenal. 

Case Study: RF Studio Provides Email Marketing

Envisioning a global brand and figuring out technical and marketing nitty gritties.

Solution: Design Creative Website & B2B Lead-Gen Support

RF Studio consulted Neuronics with multiple growth design thinking sessions and liaison with them to provide critical feedback and shared inspirations and competitor insights to design a growth journey.
Based on that growth journey, we then decided the design language, brand name, brand-kit etc.
RF Studio delivered the website, creative designs and B2B Lead-gen support resulting in good launch of new brand in the market in record time of 2 months.

Results Against Client KPIs: Get More Keywords Ranking

  • Branded Keywords Ranked in 2 Weeks time
  • 100+ Content Pages added to Website for SEO
  • Creative Animations to demonstrate Neuronics Engineering Concepts

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