RF Studio's Helps Jalebi.o for descovering product market

RF Studio’s inputs to our pre launch marketing and specially building out systems for discovering product market fit were pivotal in our success.

Case Study: RF Studio Collect Data to Generate Campaigns

Food Tech startup needed restaurants data from multiple cities and required to run demand generation campaigns to onboard for beta-launch and earlyvangelists.

Solution: Design Landing Pages to discover product market issues

RF Studio gathered 6000+ restaurant owners list by following a five step research process. The cities covered were from UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
RF Studio designed custom landing pages to maximize opt-ins and ran customer feedback surveys and sessions to discover Product Market fit issues. This resulted in critical feedback for jalebi product team to pivot timely and position themselves in right direction.

Results Against Client KPIs: Get More Data Scraping & CTR

  • 6000+ Restaurants Data Scraping
  • 25% Better CTR
  • 70+ Restaurants on-boarded

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