RF Studio's Helps hinz In shopify automation

Successful migration from WooCommerce to Shopify and their growth hacking sessions have enabled us to achieve good growth over last year. 

Case Study: RF Studio Provides Fast Page Speed & Conversion Rate

Slow page speeds, inconsistent colors and categories across page were adding to customer churn. Business required a solid platform and workarounds to improve conversion rate.

Solution: Launch Email Automation & Digital Media campaigns for good CRO

MIgration from WooCommerce to Shopify resulted in good conversion rates. Adding on top of it. RF Studio worked with Hinz team to clean up all the product listings and added relevant meta-data. Which resulted in better sales traffic coming from google intents.
RF Studio later bundled this growth momentum with email automations and digital media campaigns on catalogs, which resulted in exceptional growth for Hinz

Results Against Client KPIs: Get More Revenue & Growth CRO

  • 5X Revenue Growth (YoY)
  • 10X Better Black Friday Season Performance (2021)
  • 2X Growth in New Customers Acquired

Automation Built Using:

shopify      mailchip


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