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Our Team

Innovative thinking and sheer creativity from a team of developers and designers who push to the forefront of their industry.

RF Studio - Team of Growth Hackers

Re-Writing the Rules of Creative

RF Studio has changed the face of the digital experience. Innovative ideas and a fearless business attitude continue to put RF Studios on the leading edge.

  • Canada Office
  • Serving 4 Continents
  • 100% Remote during COVID
  • Human Capital Program
  • Robolution (Startup)
  • Facebook Hackathon Winner
  • Global Presence
  • x2 Team Growth
  • SMEA Award
  • Startup Weekend Winner
  • Top Social Innovator Award
  • Excellence Award - NCache
  • Inifinitron Initiative
  • WorkVibez (Startup)
  • Sparks!
  • Blog Awards Winner
  • Agents of Change Award
  • 5+ Chapters

Our partners

We love to collaborate with ambitious brands to deliver better digital experience to the people.

Team of Creators

We take risks. We break rules. We reinvent conventions. We are constantly pushing ourselves to develop ideas that deliver results.

Chief Everything Officer

Max Raza

Salesforce Architect

Dr. Qui

Salesforce Consultant


Visual Artist


Digital Media Strategist


Growth Hacker

Zubaria Asma

Immersive Content Consultant (AR/VR)

Maaz Irfan

Salesforce Developer

Sher Afsar

B2B E-Commerce Expert

Ramsha Khalid

Healthcare Marketing Expert

Urooj Fatima

Search Engine Marketing

Ahmed Cheema

Blogger / Content Writer

Amber Awan

Web Designer & Developer

Saman Chudhary

Product Manager /iOS Developer

Usman Mani

Advisory Board

Ex Director LinkedIn Marketing Platform


Ex British American Tobacco


Partner and Country Head Canada

Abdul Khan

pi ( π ) shaped Marketers

We explore the most efficient ways to grow your business with rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, sales segments, and other areas of your business to spark your Revenue.

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