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Email Marketing & Automation

Our email marketing automation experts will help you convert your prospects into customers irrespective of the stage of their journey. We create email marketing calendar for you and execute the best email automation strategy based on your target market & requirements.

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Campaign Performance

Real-time campaign performance.

At RF Studio we create campaign dashboards. It allows you to take a holistic view of campaigns and smoothly integrate direct mail and other activities. Analyze the performance of your Direct Mail campaigns with regular reporting. Never miss a beat! Measure campaign performance in real-time for all of your offline campaigns and discount-code based activities.

Game Changing Tools

Game-changing tools for game-changing results
Our email marketing tools make it easy to stand out while you get the word out. We have template builders or customized browser—from promoting a sale to launching a new product. Then track your success with real-time reporting and robust analytics.
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Audience Builder

Programmatic Direct Mail

Audience Builder also allows customers that join audiences to be automatically pushed to external platforms to print and send personalized Direct Mail pieces. As well as standard direct mailing preparation, Sweet also links to external data management sources for suppressions, so you can go straight from segment selection to printer.
We can set up various types of email marketing automation campaigns as per your requirements.
  • Welcome
  • Post-purchase
  • Promotional
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Re-engagement & win back
  • Customer feedback
  • Nurture
  • Occasion
  • Upsell & Cross-sell

Customer Analysis

Customized Workflows
  • We will study your business requirements and analyze the behaviors and journeys of your customers
  • We will design a segmentation strategy for each automation campaign to touch base with customers at the appropriate stage of purchase cycle by integrating the CRM into email automation
  • We can set up simple and complex workflows as per your customer’s analysis, along with specific goals for each automation setup.

Experties on Platforms

we have experties on all leading platforms

We support 25+ Email Softwares. Reach out to us for any kind of support.  We will be happy to integrate it for you.

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