SKETCHAHOLIC’s Aimen Nazir – A Figurative Artist

Artists have the unique ability to engage a person in a deep and personal way.

Art can help us understand our humanity but more importantly, it draws us into thinking whether the reality needs to be changed. Arts, as a catalyst of change, can be used as a medium of confronting personal, social or political issues. Every artist has their own creative way no matter what culture they belong to. Some artwork though it may seem negative to some people but at the same time it denotes individuality.

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Pakistan is a country of young, energetic and talented youth. One such phenomenal and exceptional artist is AIMEN MANZOOR from Sketchaholic. She can, through her art make multiple emotions resonate within you. Stay with us as we reveal more about the girl behind these stupendous art pieces.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m an eighteen year old who has always felt a strange kind of pull towards almost everything related to art. Growing up, I had no idea it would get as intense as it is today. I definitely had other plans in the past, like getting into some med school or becoming a doctor, something that is actually more accepted in our society because quite honestly, being an artist is not something you can totally rely upon. But when you want something so bad, you just want nothing else than to overlook all the bad parts of it and just embrace it once and for all. So here I am today, living all this at my fullest.

2. Why do you do what you do? What’s the real reason?

When doing something brings you nothing but inner peace and indescribable content I think you do not a need a reason to do it. So basically, drawing is the one thing that makes me feel good, the one thing that defines who I am. I feel as if every time I draw, I put a part of myself into that drawing. It’s like the best way I know of expressing my true feelings.

3. What kind of art are you most identified with?

Sketching portraits mostly. I have been doing portraits in black and white for a long time now. But I have recently started doing colored ones as well. I also do ball pen sketching, it is sort of hard to master, but then again I think that’s the thing about art, the better you get at something, the more you want to improve at it.

4. What has been a ground breaking experience?

Seeing other emerging artists on social media and noticing how their work improved from something that looks like a drawing to something that is so hyper realistic that one can not believe that it is hand drawn. That is something that motivated me so much. In the beginning of course I was a disaster at drawing, but I just kept going because obviously I had no intention of impressing anyone else but myself.

5. What is it you like most about art?

I like how it serves as a timeline of my past. I mean I have been drawing since forever now, and every time I look at an old piece it reminds me of old times, if that makes any sense.
Moreover, I love the fact that my work has no restrictions when it comes to creativity and so I can let my imagination thrive.

6. How did this journey begin?

Drawing has always been something that has fascinated me. I was twelve when I first did a portrait, I remember how it turned out so good and above all my expectations and I guess I just knew in that moment that that was what I wanted to do. As cliche as that sounds but that’s how it all started.

7. Which themes do you like to play around with and pursue?

Initially I did human portraits mostly. Because I don’t know I had a weird kind of interest in human faces, or maybe it was the perfection in them that had me thinking if I could ever make them even close to what they actually looked like. But then came a time when I started drawing like skulls and corpses and people with cigarettes and angry stuff. My family was actually worried for me. But yeah, that was only a phase I think.
So to sum it up, yeah, I do portraits.

8. In your opinion, what role does an artist play in society?

It truly depends on the personality of the artist. An artist has a very unique ability to engage individuals in a very deep and personal way. As an artist thinks out of the box it helps people to see someone else’s view of life. The unique ability of an artist to invoke an emotional reaction through his work of art, when combined with a positive message for personal or social change is a powerful catalyst for building good creative societies.

9. What are some of your favorite art pieces and what is the reason of them being your favorites?

Medusa, an artwork done by Leonardo da Vinci on a buckler is indeed one of my favorite art pieces ever. It’s actually the story behind it that fascinates me.
Leonardo’s father, Piero da Vinci, was once asked by a peasant to have a buckler painted. Piero in return, took it to Leonardo as he was aware of his interest in art. When Leonardo had a look at it, he first made it smooth and even and then carried it to a room into which no one else ever entered. He then took lizards great and small, crickets, serpents, butterflies, grasshoppers, bats, and other strange kinds of suchlike animals (some of these animals he dissected), out of the number of which, variously put together, he formed a great ugly creature, most horrible and terrifying, in so strange a fashion that it appeared altogether a monstrous and horrible thing; and he worked so long over making it, that the stench of the dead animals in that room was past bearing, but Leonardo did not notice it, so great was the love that he bore towards art. In the end, his father was indeed really surprised with his work.

10. What’s the most memorable response you’ve  had to your work?

Every other positive response I get to my work is a memorable one. It feels so great to realize how people come to know you through your work, even if they have never once met you for real. Imagine doing something you love, and then receiving more love from others when they see it, of course I do not do what I do for fame or for getting good responses from others, but it still makes you beyond happy when people praise your work as well.

11. What is your dream project?

Honestly, like a few years ago if someone would have asked me this, I would have replied with “my dream project is to sketch every single person’s portrait, like for real”, as crazy as that sounds I did used to think that way. But now, well, it would be to draw something so unique and so original in its own way that it would be remembered for ages to come.

12. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In some art studio, some art studio of my own. Where I can draw for hours without any interruption or any bugging from my siblings.

13. Name three artists you’d like to be compared to?

I won’t want to be compared to anyone other than my old self. Which I actually do inside my head every time I finish a drawing. That sort of gives me an idea of how much I need to improve so I can beat my old self.
But since you asked, there are a great deal of artists whose work makes me swoon! But if I were to choose three, I’d definitely say Christopher Lovell, Kelvin Okafor and Toni Mahfud.

14. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I had this one art teacher who once said to me “Whenever you see someone else’s work, never feel jealous or think lowly of yourself, but see it as a motivation and through it, challenge yourself, so you get stimulated to give your best tomorrow”, that is like the best advice I’ve ever been given. Still boosts my morale up every time I think of it.

15. Professionally, what’s your goal?

To be recognized on an international level, so I can represent my country by the work I do.

16. Any message for our readers?

If doing something pleases you, and only you, you do not need a reason to do it, and you definitely do not need to change your passion because of what other ‘might’ think. People think what they want to think, they especially love to throw rocks at things that shine, but you do not need to sink in a hole or blend yourself among everyone, because you being camouflaged in the society will only fade your true colors away, and in the end you will forget what being your true self actually used to feel like.

 You can catch more from Aimen at her Facebook page and Instagram.
Stay tuned to Revolution Flame for more!

Interviewed by: Maryam Hamid
Published by: Asma Zainab

Jello Jello Squishy Fellow- World Jellyfish Day


I was quite enchanted and astonished at the same time when I came to know that the world celebrates a Jellyfish day too. I felt quite happy at the fact that human beings are concerned about even the simplest of life forms around themselves. I believe that, to care for this planet is not the sole responsibility of conservationists and biologists rather it’s a duty of mankind as a whole to nurture and protect our planet Earth.

As Carl Sagan puts it;

“In the End, this world is all we have.”

So, it’s World Jellyfish Day today and as a token of our concern about marine life, I will be sharing some facts about jellyfish along with our own feelings and deductions based on those facts.
Since the inception of life on planet Earth, very few species have successfully been able to retain their primitive position instead of constant evolution going on. The first organisms to successfully survive were very simple Prokaryotic ones who only possessed the ability to reproduce before they died. Land was urbanized while sea and lakes were undergoing a great evolution. At that point, Jellyfish came into existence with its selfdom armor proper and myriad tentacles. And the astounding fact is that it is one of the very few organisms who are still the same, quite astounding right? If I were to put it lightly, it has seriously derogated the Theory of Evolution. Sir Darwin’s soul won’t be much happy I reckon.


A point to be noted here is that this beauty is not a fish. Yes, that’s right. Jellyfish belongs to the group of Invertebrates which do not possess a backbone while all the fishes have backbones. Jellyfishes are immediate cousins of Sponges and hydra and seem to have some serious reservations with the fish family. So yes they don’t have a brain but possess eyes. But what does it prove? Well, it proves a lot of things. One, nerds aren’t cool. Why? Because Jellyfish aren’t nerds and they’re cool. Some do possess eyes but why? Maybe to look beautiful.

12190893_871886979555952_1610642918689783281_n     Their bodies are 95% water and yet they’re smarter enough to eat, reproduce and survive for more than 600 megaannus. They were there even when no dinosaurs existed. Here concluding that survival doesn’t demand your brains. It’s all the work of wits and cunningness. Well, I guess it’s quite good news for obtuse people who only desire to sneak their way through the world without being crushed by people who have got some brains at their disposal.

The significance of this day is somewhat contrary to the significance of other important days which are celebrated every year. Because, all the other days like Ocean day, No Tobacco Day and World population day etc are all aimed towards raising awareness about certain specific issues but in the case of Jellyfish, there’s only one motive and that is to make ourselves appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature around us.

Since long, human beings have exploited nature for their own benefit. This day instills the viewpoint in us that nature’s beauty is not limited to majestic landscapes and calm blue seas, it’s even in the simplest of creatures like the enigmatic and wondrous Jellyfish. Their glowing skin in the dark gives us the message that you can be a guiding light in the dark even when you’re rich or powerful. Their peculiar way of movement is called propulsion movement and it has inspired researchers to design an efficient and more reliable sea robot movement to ease their locomotion enabling scientists to explore oceans and seas better than ever.

Unlike other species which are vulnerable but it is far from being endangered or threatened. Rather it’s the other way around. Marine Biologist Rebecca Helm says that Jellyfish might take over oceans. The rising numbers of Jellyfish are of huge concern and biologists are still debating whether to take measures to control their numbers or let the nature decide whose fit enough to survive.

Well, on a lighter note, there are no campaigns, fundraising or awareness stuff on this particular day because Jellyfish’s conservation is one of the least concerns of human beings nowadays. All we can do is to start appreciating nature and take inspiration from this divine creation of Almighty. Obviously you cannot go on a walk with a jellyfish hand-in-hand and cannot spend a day-out with it being your companion. What you should do at max is to appreciate this creation of Almighty and be a protector of marine life.

By:  Hassam Khan Alizai

Photos’ credits:

The Art of Adnan Ali

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, my name is Adnan Ali, I’m from Karachi. I’m an artist and I love to discover and create new things. Art is my passion, from the childhood and I’m deep into it.


2) When did your career start?

Well, exactly when I started my career, I don’t remember, but yes, I got into it really early I guess just hardly I was in my A levels.

3) What has been a seminal experience?

When I to watch cartoons, I always get inspired by them and want to know how they do they do it so, how do they create levels, which plays an important part in a child’s life; what is the effort behind and why can’t we people do or create something like it rather better than it. Well I guess these cartoons made me draw and put my imagination out and fill the gap between the head and the screen.

4) What art do you most identify with?

Generally, I follow dark theme and I work around it so I guess dark theme identifies me better.

5) What’s your favorite art work? Share the pictures with us.

rf 1

rf 2

rf 3

rf 4


6) What is your dream project?

To work on in any project of Steambot Studio.

7) What role does the artist have in a society?

According to me, we all must learn to create peace and harmony. Art piece is simply not for entertainment it is also to broaden the perspective of life’s viewer.

8) Any message for youth.

Do something which counts smaller or bigger doesn’t matter, but make yourself up to something respectable and positive.

Guys, it’s the time when you have to play harder and show what abilities you hold, what’s in you, which can bring a change or a difference as each and every drop got its own importance to flourish the land, likewise we all hold importance in our place. Being in the scenario where you are by proving yourself doing something for your parents and for dear homeland.

9) Words for Revolution Flame. 

Each and every agency who is functioning in Pakistan or putting in the effort to do something good or generate something creative is worth having in the society, I wish you good luck.

Interviewed By:
Syed Uzair Ahmed Shah Bukhari,
Revolution Flame.

saad khan

The Insane Art of Saad Irfan

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself.

Having few years of experience in the field of art & animation in Pakistan, I am one of the handful professionals in visual art Industry in Pakistan, specializing in character design, digital sculpting for animated and live action films, commercials etc. Currently, I work as the Art Director in a leading post-production house and teach Drawing & Illustration at Indus School of Art & Architecture (IVS).

saad khan

Q) When did your career start?

I started my career in the year 2000, designing and drafting jewelry. It helped me develop a great sense of materials and design patterns. Besides this, I was more interested in ‘Comic Book Art’ and ‘Characters’. In 2007 I entered the CG Animation Industry. And ever since then I have been involved in creating characters and concept designs.

Q) What has been a seminal experience?

If you ask me, every experience is influential, if only you wish to perceive it that way. Wouldn’t be fair if I only point out one. But since you’ve asked I’d like to highlight one.. It was when I moved from the jewelry business to the visual art side, entered a post-production house and saw art pieces by Anas Riasat, Shahan Zaidi and the likes. That was quite a moment.

Q) What art do you most identify with?

Concept Art and Digital Sculpture.

Q) What do you do to gain so much knowledge in this area?

Research. Learn. Practice. Repeat.

Q) What’s your favorite art work? Share the pictures with us.

Well, it’s really hard for me to point at one artwork. I can tell you a few artists that have inspired me through my journey and they are Frank Frazetta, Marko Djurdjevic, Simon Bisley, Karl Kopinskiand many more.

Q) What is your dream project?

One can’t survive on just one dream project, can they? But my “dream” is to get a chance to work with the art maestro “Marko Djurdjevic”.

Q) What role does the artist have in a society?

The role politicians can’t fulfill.

Q) Any message for youth.

Yeah, please stop wandering around for easy your way up the ladder.. there are no shortcuts to greatness.

Q) Words for Revolution Flame.

Keep doing what ya doing. All the best!


Here is a display of some of his work:



For more of his art, you can follow him on his facebook page:

Interviewed by:
Uzair Ahmed Shah Bukhari,
Reporter, Revolution Flame.

The Rev4.0


The Future Vision of Revolution Flame

A Platform for Social Entrepreneurs

  • A Multipurpose Incubation and Accelerator
  • Primarily focused towards Social/Not for Profit Projects.
  • Social Innovation Focused
  • Promote other causes via our Platform
  • Volunteer Services Organisation
  • Provide Volunteers, Services, Talent Management and Interns to various organisations.

Revolution Flame Chapters

  • To create presence in major institutes of the country
  • Enhancing the Fresh Talent Pool available for RF
  • To train the youth by imparting them with skills and providing opportunities to work with RF
  • More details about approval formulation and execution of chapters would be released soon.

Important Board Meeting Review Minutes


  1. To be shifted under AFCF: Code For Change
  2. No more a recruitment hotline, but a recrtuiment software to help Blood banks and Volunteer organisations in recruiting.
  3. To be made available for all to download under Open Source / Creative Commons License

What we need: Software Developers

Important Reorganizational Updates

1- New Cabinet to be Elected after each year.

Cabinet would have some fixed roles and some dynamic roles. HR Manager to update all of New Cabinet Working SOPs and will create a campaign for recruitment of missing roles. Exist- ing members would be given first presference in the process.

Retirement of Managing Director

Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, has started his amazing entrepreneurial career. We are sad he wont be active part of organisation as Managing Director but would be with us a Our Revolution Flame Fellow. On this occassion we would like to farewell him as well.

New Appointments:

Some key roles on Ad-Hoc basis are filled with these Members. They may be instated permanently in new cabinet.

  1. HR Manager: Sheheryar Zafar

  2. Finance Manager: Abdul Wahab

  3. Talent Acquisition Officer: Maryam Fazal

  4. Project Manager: Ateeq Afridi

  5. PRO: Sohail Khan


Notes from Key Chairs of Meeting:


Fire can be put out by Water, but Light of candle cannot be put out by Darkness of Night. No matter how dark the night may be, guiding light is there to help us get through it and witness the morning sunshine. Wolves have two kinds of leadership, ones who lead by fearing the sheep and ones who lead other wolves by example. Be the Alpha among people around you. Lead others by example. Your words and actions have more power than weapons.

Syed Ommer Amer Managing Director

Mitanay hain nafratun k andheray, Zulm o jabar ki aatish kada,
bn k roshan taarun ki kehkishaan, ik thatain marti moj e bakaraan

Arsh Azim Co-Founder

Learn, Love, Pay it forward.

The Day Where Youth Have Their Say

Young people must be considered the drivers of change, and not only beneficiaries or targets
-Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

International Youth Day (IYD) was first celebrated on 12th August 2000, after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution accepting the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon in 1998. This day highlights the efforts of the world’s youth in heighten global society. Moreover, the day also aims to enlist the youth in becoming more effective to make decisive contributions to their



www.wvi.ord“International Youth Day is an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential
partners in change, as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and hardships facing the world’s youth.”


United Nations defines ‘Youth’ as people ranging between the ages of 15 and 24 years. This is to ensure statistical consistency across regions. Every year a theme is selected for the day.
Last year in 2014, International Youth Day 2014 was acclaimed with the theme ‘Youth and Mental Health’. United Nation held a two months online campaign and their ambition was to raise awareness about the issue of youth and mental health. The tagline was ‘Mental Health Matters’. Young people were asked to submit their artwork, poetry, films, stories and photos to the campaign. There were over 2000 followers, 200 submissions and 150 events that took place.

nicaragua.usembassy.govThis year’s theme “Youth Civic Engagement” emphasizes the importance of involving young people to establish a better community. It is important to support the youth and their involvement in improving the community. The youth is an entirely separate unique social group and is a great benefit to of all of society. This can help improving living conditions, basic human rights and enriching mankind.

Many activities and events that take place around the world on International Youth Day aim to advocate the benefits that youthful people bring into the globe. Youth around the world are encouraged to organize activities to raise about the situation of youth in their country, and send in a description of their planned activities. Many countries participate in this global event, which may include youth conferences on issues such as education and employment. Moreover, other activities include concerts promoting the world’s youth, as well as various sporting events, parades and mobile exhibitions that showcase young people’s achievements.

There has been recent increasing attention and policy and programming focus on youth civic engagement by governments around the world. It is high time that youth be given a chance o take charge of their destiny and got involved in global decision making matters.

So get involved and have a say in your future!

Written by:

Marium Ashraf,
Revolution Flame.

Picture Credits:

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Picture #2:
Picture #3:
Picture #4:
Picture #5:

To Speak While Risking Lives- Journalism

Journalism- A dangerous profession. Journalism- Not an easy call. Are you up for Journalism? Journalists- Men playing with fire. Journalist- Men who risk it all

Thomas Jefferson, the eminent President and author once said:

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

There is no place for words like rumors and ignorance, media houses reach every nook and corner of the world, eradicate the uncertainty of news and cover every aspect of information in detail, but that transparency and investigative journalism makes the life of a journalistambiguous. Fear and threats from the opposition blur the happiness of their lives and sometimes because of their fearlessness and patriotism, journalists have to face brutal consequences from vicious personalities, who think that their unlawful interest would be in trouble if they let the journalists project their corruption.60786-1920x1080

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S. Truman


Journalism as a profession is considered praiseworthy, but now this occupation accompanies fear and danger, despite of the fact that it deals with basic human right of information chartered by the international human rights organizations. Every year uncountable number of journalists have lost their lives while performing their duty. Veronica Guerin, an investigative journalist who was murdered for her report on a notorious drug dealer; Anna Politkovskaya, Russian journalist and human right activist was assassinated because of her fearless reporting of war in Chechnya and criticism on Russian president; Saleem Shahzad, an investigative Pakistani journalist who was tortured and murdered by his assassin. Par Gyi, Myanmar journalist killed while in custody of army for being democracy activist etc. These are just few names of the journalistic world that got slain or suffered inhumane behavior in pursuit of spreading awareness among people.


Having said that, innumerable students around the world are opting for journalism as a subject. It has widened as a field and has become a vehicle of mass communication providing supplementary education regarding mass media. The growing interest in the field is an encouraging notion and signifies the increased interest of students.



“When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” – Christopher Dodd, Former Senator of US


United Nations Organization and other supporters of journalism, and freedom of press and information are marking the first day on November 2nd to end impunity for crime against journalists. The efforts are being made to indicate the serious cause which is limiting freedom of press and information.

Media works as a watch dog; it keeps an eye on the government and other state and non-state organizations. Free press works as a secret surveillance system on the people as well as the government, which stop them from any wrong doings. Continuous threats and killing of the journalists and media workers by the powerful and influential ones are an unlawful attempt to silence the voice of media and to take control over the freedom of information of the people.


To minimize the risk factor for the media workers, crime against journalists must be investigated and the culprit must lead to justice. Governments, worldwide should take decisive action against this brutal act and should work best to end impunity for crime against journalists, which is preventing the common people from their right of knowledge and information.

“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.” – Benjamin Franklin

Freedom of press is essential for the development of any society. It makes the society grow in a positive light of awareness and produce wise individuals who can work for its benefit subsequently. Together, we should pay tribute to all such brave and patriotic journalists and media workers who had worked and are working in critical and endangered situations for the sake of us.

Written By: 

Saima Jawed,
Writer, Revolution Flame.

Pictures Credits:

The Story Behind The Pink Ribbon Buzz

Breast Awareness Campaign, Pink Ribbon Movement, Women

Breast Cancer, a disease that affects many lives every year around the world. 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer within their lifetime which is an alarming number. October is known as the Month of Breast Cancer Awareness in which many social organizations, media groups, governments and cancer survivors raise awareness regarding this issue.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon symbolizes as a Breast Cancer Awareness sign. Pink indicate the support for the feminine gender that is fighting the battle with such cancer. It was first used when Susan G. Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons to participants in its New York City race for Breast Cancer survivors and from there onwards, it became a National Breast Cancer symbol.

Pink Ribbon is an international charity organization with its head office in New York. The aim of the fraternity is to provide support and encouragement to Breast Cancer patients, survivors and their families.

Pakistan is lucky enough to be one of the nations affiliated with Pink Ribbon. Since its foundation, Pink Ribbon is making an effort to raise awareness and shrinking the dilemma of Breast Cancer patients.

MissionBreast Cancer Awareness, October, Pink, Pink Ribbon, Cancer, Women

The organization not only provides information, but has also introduced new and improved ways to spread knowledge and techniques to detect Breast Cancer at an early stage. Pink Ribbon Pakistan introduced the first Breast Cancer mobile mammogram clinic in association with INMOL Cancer Hospital in 2009.  Along with that, it is also running free screening programs in association with 14 partner hospitals in 12 cities.

Surprisingly enough, they have successfully reached out to over 1,050,000 women and 350,000 female students in just 4 years span.

Their free clinical examination service has contributed a lot in the 30% increase of patient turn-up at Breast Cancer clinics nationwide.

This year, Pakistan post issued 500,000 stamps to promote and support Pink Ribbon Pakistan and Wapda building decorated their building in shimmering pink lights to spread hope of life for the cancer sufferers.


The organization aims to build Diagnostic & Training Centre with state of the art facilities and latest equipment. But that requires a handsome amount of money.

To raise that, they introduced ‘Shop Pink’ which is an online shopping portal containing items like key chains, handmade jewelry etc. The entire amount raised from it would be contributed in building the Diagnostic & Training Centre.

Every life is equally precious so it is our job to support such organizations in awareness and spread the message by sending them donations or even by volunteering that could provide them with another helping hand advocating their noble cause.


Doing gets things done. Hope keeps the train running

No one said you couldn’t be happy dreaming, lots of people actually are. We’re all living in hope of a better future. But those hopes only come into existence at the price of a VERY hard work. She dreamed and started to take action to make it come true. The other two only dreamed and waited for something lucky to happen in their lives. ACTION is what determines if a dream comes true or will always be just a dream. Stuff like this are dream-killers which is very bad. If you don’t have a mark you won’t know where to point your arrow.

Motivation 9GAG

Revolution Flame | Vision 2015

August 1, 2011 Two rebels gathered and ignited a candle on 14th August 2011. August 14, 2014: we marked our 3 years of working toward spreading awareness and education on various issues of Social Importance. Igniters and Ambassadors celebrated the anniversary across country.

Life is full of ups and downs. And you must know, organizations and institutions are very much similar to Living life individuals. However their breathing air is its inhabitants and members. Their food is mission accomplished and their happiness is in achieving its goals. Their boards are brains and their resources are heart and center of activities. Their teams are organs. And thus we must unite like a single body. Hence we have come to conclusion in our board resolution to achieve following practicable measurable goals in 2015 and would serve as Vision 2015 for Revolution Flame:

1- Support causes and organizations and Partner 100 Events/Organizations
2- Organize 4 Lighthouse Libraries.
3- Launch R-Fusion, Save 100 Lives. Organize 20 Recruitment Camps
4- Launch R-Quad, Conduct Activities in 4 Schools
5- Organize Monthly Team Meetings
6- Organize Quarterly Events (Fun fests/ Creativity/ Talent Drives)
7- Scholarships to 3 International Students
8- Partner 3 International Events
9- Launch One International Campaign
10- Get 100 Street Children off the roads and get them into Schools/Orphanages/Institutes


Considering Upcoming Political Impasse, Revolution Flame Celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on 9th August 2014. Left to right: Hassan, Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wasay, Ommer Amer. @ChayeKhana